Monday, December 16, 2013

see ya big D

Well… here we go again… boxes are stacked, china is packed, clothes are being stacked, and our house is complete chaos. And this is all the week after an ice storm that took out our power for 3 days!! Lord help us we have lost our minds and are moving back to Nashville the week before Christmas with a 3 year old + 6 week old baby. Umm, mommy needs a drink. And a REAL nights sleep, but I don't think that's happenin' soon so we'll stick with the cocktail. Trevor's job is taking us back home (hallelujah!!!!!) and it has happened so fast I can barely stop spinning. Tomorrow is the day. It's all happy stress though because I'm going H-O-M-E. And so much sooner than I ever could have hoped. Just when we were settling into life here Dallas & making some friends, but I'd be lying if I said we weren't over the moon. It's been real fun, but now let's high tail it out of here for the holidays. One more year without a proper tree in our own home, but I've had the holiday tunes cranked so we're totally in the spirit. Plus Miriam doesn't really notice that we're the only scrooges on the block without decorations.

Two years of growth and countless memories have been made here in the big D.
Moved into a tiny apartment.
New job for T.
Had our home featured in the Dallas Morning News.
Watched our Miriam turned 2… then 3.
IMG_2091 IMG_0937 IMG_3780 IMG_3021
Adopted a dog.
We lost someone really special and we're still mourning.
I got pregnant.
Discovered real mexican food and Miriam became a queso obsessed Texan.
Found a wonderful little school for Mimers that she adored.
Made some new friends and became even closer with some old.
Baby Oakes was born.

We have been through a lot, but we're surviving & thriving and we're stronger because of it. We learned how to be with only our little family of 3… and now 4… comppletly on our own. I've opened my eyes to a bigger world, and found my way in a brand new town. It's been quite a trip… until we meet again Big D!
IMG_8612 IMG_2793