Thursday, April 26, 2012

bathroom re-do : part 1

The thing about buying a new house is you go in with all these expectations. Things you want, things you don't want in a home. It's so personal. Then, if you're me, reality sets in and you quickly realize you can't have all the lovely things you want. I wanted a house that was pretty much ready to go. It didn't have to be big, didn't have to be fancy or new, but I didn't want to buy a fixer upper. Fast forward a few months and we've kinda bought ourselves a fixer upper. Yep, apparently I was looking for a challenge and just didn't know it!

The master bathroom is our first project and demo started the day after we closed. Because we were on such a tight timeline before move in it's all gone pretty fast. It's a really small space, but it's been a bit stressful for a newbie re-doer like me. All was going smoothly and looking good, until I made my first mistake. We picked a classic basket-weave tile for the floor. Easy enough and it looked amazing once they laid it all out. Then they asked me to pick a grout color. I reached for the gray, they reached for the white, I studied a second, they said use white, I said ok, and it was decision made. Except that once it was all grouted… I knew it was all wrong. I totally should have used gray. The white makes the basket-weave less pronounced and the whole reason I picked that tile was because I looooved that pattern. Well, hells-bells. The one time I didn't pick up the phone to ask my mom a question and this was it. Always listen to your instinct, not the contractors. They are not interior designers. Lesson learned loud and clear… it's all in the details. I'm just sure I'll make more mistakes, but c'est la vie. Still, this is going to be one good lookin' bathroom we can call our very own.

Here she is before - lovely orange walls & frosted windows into the living room
… and here's some of what we're working with. cross your fingers for me please bathroom-redo1

Friday, April 20, 2012

our easter

Hooray for Friday! I'm paying tribute to Levon this morning and he's jammin' away in the background on Pandora. Lordy, he was amazing. I got to see him play at the Ryman once and he still had it. Just rocking it all the way until his last day. I dropped Miriam off this morning and she borderline sprinted into her classroom. If you haven't really watched a toddler run, it is something to see. Kinda wobbly and stiff and not nearly as fast as they wish they were going, which results in a great number of tumbles. I tell you, the child is on full speed all of the time. So, we had our first full on melt-down, hysterical crying fit at the grocery this week. I wanted to run in quickly on the way to school (yes, I'm the momma that runs out of milk and has to fill up the sippy in the parking lot) and Moosh about lost her mind when I wouldn't let her get in the "blue car". You know those enormous grocery carts with the toy cars attached for children to ride in? Well, I just wasn't in the mood to deal with that whole contraption and let's just say Miriam didn't agree with my decision. Umm, terrible 2's anyone?

Anyway, I'm going to back up a bit. During my trip home we celebrated Easter at aunt Louise's. I keep meaning to take pictures of her new house, because it's so pretty, but of course I forgot again. Next time. That Sunday was so beautiful I can't even tell you. Big sky and a cool breeze, my deviled eggs w/ hot-pepper relish, and the whole family (minus my husband sadly).
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Of course it was really all about my two favorite babies. Can you ever take enough pictures of your own baby really? Those mooshkins had such a big time and I must say they were looking mighty stylin'. I found this Easter dress from Smocked Auctions, which is such a good resource.

And my Charlie baby… that hair just keeps getting better and better my sweets. You totally should have been at the "country club" in your all white duds.
Untitled Untitled charlie1
I hope everyone has a happy weekend. Ours is going to be spent removing curtain rods, weird shelves and crappy doors before the painters come in on Monday. So much progress going on over there I can't wait to share. Big move is in 10 days and it can't come quick enough!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

april visit

Oh little blog how I've missed you so. No time to write, no time to post, only time for lots and lots of to-do lists going on. Luckily, Moosh and I escaped the crazy tornadoes here and took a trip home. By the time I saw friends, saw family, celebrated Easter and had some work time with Currier, it was over. Dang, a week goes quick, but I certainly enjoy every second of it. We arrived on the farm and boy did that Tennessee air greet me with a smile. Sun was out, grass was green and Spring was in full bloom.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
I even snuck in a girls night with my ladies (9 of us!!) and had a ball catching up. Lotta wine and lotta talking going on at that table. We're all so busy with different schedules and children, but that night out totally revived me and reminded me how lucky I am to have such mighty fine friends.
my good lookin' brother hosted us at his cool new pad… and yes, the boy has style
Untitled Untitled