Thursday, December 29, 2011

edley's bbq

Ever since we found out we're moving, I have been getting out around town as much as I can. Trying to be as social as possible. It's setting in that I will not have the luxury of friends nearby so I am trying to squeeze 'em all a little more often. So we made a trip to new restaurant called Edley's BBQ. The chef is a friend so he hooked us up with an insatiable amount of food. If you like smoked meat then this is the spot. Pretty wooden bar, good vibe, and really great food. and And I could barely contain myself when the fried pickles arrived. Nashville has been pleading for a good bbq spot and Edley's totally fills that gap. And one little note about our trip : our pregnant friend was past her due date ready to pop so we were all hoping the crazy amount of pork would push her over the edge. Baby Holden did arrive 2 days later.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

shop local

I know I've said it before, but I'm saying it again… if I dreamed up the perfect baby store it would look exactly like Tweed Baby Outfitters. It's pretty perfect. So I was so excited to see them get a little pub last week in the paper. If you live here and haven't been, ya gotta go support this local spot. The perfect baby gift and loads of good looking, teeny-tiny items await you.

holiday break

The presents have all been opened, the local holiday radio station has tuned back to classic rock, and even the leftovers are gone. Wahh. Is Christmas really over? That was way too fast, but Santa was good to us and we were able to spend some really nice time with the entire family. Family in Atlanta, family in Chattanooga, and family here in Nashville. We were on the road, but our little moosh was an angel. I think all of the people and all of the commotion just made her crash. It was exhausting for us all, but I loved seeing the grandparents watch her run around.
And of course, her and cousin Charles ran around all Christmas Eve and even took turns pushing one another in the baby stroller. Hi-larious. Instead of the traditional childrens table this year, momma put those of us with "babies" at the little table. Fine, fine… we had fun anyway.
Christmas morning was very relaxing and the mini Moosh sure racked up. My dad went just a wee overboard at the toy store. And I can say we officially have an elmo-obsessed toddler. "Elmo, elmo, elmo"… like she's on repeat. Oh yeah.
And here's our card from this year with Brooke's pics from this summer. Go on and tell me those eyes don't just say make you wanna melt. Babies sure are precious creatures.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

merry christmas

We're off to Atlanta, then Chattanooga, then back to Nashville for the holidays so let the merriment begin. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and I leave you with some silly babies all dressed up and waiting on santa.
IMG_8611 xmasbabies-11 IMG_8614 IMG_8601

Monday, December 19, 2011

party in clemson

When we moved away from Greenville I was definitely sad to leave my friends, but I knew I'd be back soon. And so last weekend we hopped in the car and drove as quick as can be to town for Austin + Mary Frances' wedding. The festivities were actually all in Clemson, but on our way in we spent the night with the the lovely Miss Carlisle, my previous nanny. She was one of the best things that ever happened to me during our time there and I have missed her so. She saw Miriam and I through those tough days and became such a dear friend when I was feeling a little lonely. Lordy, we were lucky to have her and to think we met in the Publix. That's like some crazy story you'd hear in a southern novel, but it's true. I swear it. Anyway, we didn't stop talking all evening and I didn't want to leave. On our way out of town we rolled through our old hood, North Main, and saw some cute new stores that had popped up. Of course, they opened after I left. Typical, but good for them. And our bungalow on McDonald was just shining bright, all dolled up with lights and garland. I love to think someone is enjoying it as much as we did.

Then it was on to the wedding. It was party after party and everyone was in great spirits for the reunion of sorts. Classmates of Trevor's were there and friends we'd made along the way. My favorite buddy Kathryn was there too and we seriously had the best time catching up. I'm pretty sure I didn't leave her side all weekend and we had a ball. Definitely broke out some dance moves and overindulged in the fun. The weekend was beautiful and a big success thanks to a handful of really wonderful and inviting people. We felt like we were home and I guess we kind of were.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

in the holiday mood

Roasted Rosemary Cashews : I made these lovelies over the weekend and let me go on record - they're delish. Makes your whole house smell toasty & herby. I found them at The Afternoon Off and wanted to give them a try before gifting to some friends, but I seems to be polishing 'em off before they get out the door. Meanwhile, Miriam was busy playing dress up and stacking toys on the coffee table while watching the Sprout channel. She's all of a sudden obsessed with the TV and will even pick up the remote and point it at the tv. Uh, oh.
We've also been really getting into the spirit around here. Mini tree is up, "Michael Buble Holiday" station on Pandora is on, and tree in a candle is burning. I've been totally stressed out and exhausted, but Christmas is coming and I do love this time of year. Cousin Lauren and I went shopping with the momas last week and had the best day. All the shops were decked out and we started early, but we barely made a dent. Just maybe… our champagne lunch lingered a little too long.
xmas-girls mini-tree