Tuesday, June 29, 2010

first days

The last few days feel a bit like a blur. A lovely, hazy blur in baby world. We're learning every day and navigating our new life with Miriam. She's perfect and I can't take my eyes off her. We sat outside this morning around 5 am (the new norm 'round here) on a bench watching nature come to life, when I spotted a deer. A deer with it's teeny-tiny baby by its side. Skinny, wobbly legs running around, then stopping to graze. It was so cool to hold my baby, watching another baby. A beautiful way to start the day.


Well, I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that hubs and I are home with my parents this summer. My friend said it takes an army and now I know how true that really is. We each take turns and give advice. And let's just say all modesty has gone out the window when it comes to nursing. Mom, hubs… all hands on deck! It's hard work, but I'm getting more confident. Being on the farm just adds some excitement to the mix. Three rowdy jack russells, a phone constantly ringing, horses needing attention, friends dropping by, a bird in the fireplace, a dead possum on the porch, Carlos (farm manager) falling out of a tree, hay being baled in the front field, my mother on the news, my father blaring the stock market news on tv, and some jammin' retro music playing on Sunday mornings. Just a day in the life at Pontotoc. Lovin' it. Now, back into my little cocoon.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a… girl!

Miriam McGaw Cross
Born Monday, June 21st at 4:01 pm * 7 lbs. 6 oz. * 19 inches
We are beyond thrilled and can't take our eyes off her sweet face.
Be back soon!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

whiskey stones

My dad likes to sip whiskey. Small batches of the good stuff. And it must taste better in a silver julep cup because that's all he uses to sip. So for the man who has everything this Father's Day… that doesn't need another tie, another shirt, and doesn't play golf... I stuck with whiskey. These are whiskey stones. Milled in Vermont, they are made of soapstone. You stick 'em in the freezer, then throw a couple in your cup and they chill your spirit without diluting the flavor. Brilliant. Or so I hope. Cheers dad!

Friday, June 18, 2010

due date


There were a few tears in my eyes as I rounded the stairs this morning. Mr Cooper wasn't there to greet me with his big, brown eyes. It just feels surreal and lonely without his presence. But life has a definite ying & yang to it. While we mourn our big buddy, we are filled with anticipation about the arrival of a new life. So we shifted our minds since today since this is the big due date. 40 weeks and baby is still holding on in there. Every time I call someone they answer anxiously expecting it to be "the" call. Not yet folks. Must be pretty warm and comfy inside there.

Typical Nashville style, I saw cousin Lauren at the doc's today. Hilarious! Of course she was there and of course we saw a friend of hubs from high school who's wife was also due today. I swear you can not go anywhere in this town without runnin' into somebody ya know. Everything looks good and well… we shall just see. I'm off to eat some spicy mexican - can't hurt!


Thursday, June 17, 2010


I hear his nails clicking on the hardwood floor. Making the trek to his water bowl. Always thirsty and lapping it up with such gusto. He could go on and on, until he finished the bowl. I can't tell you how many times I would replenish his bowl mid-drinking so that he had enough. Then it was sling some to the left and drool to the right as he left the bowl. Leaving a trail of puddles in his path. Even the "water-hog" mat we purchased did little to help.

I see his eyes engaged with excitement. Muscles tightening and total stillness in anticipation at the sight of a tennis ball. Frozen in place, barely breathing until the release of the ball in the air. A true retriever. Tongue wagging and a heavy, steady pant. He could go all day.

I hear him making his way across the house. A quick hello with his nose as he passed by the couch. Always up for a belly rub down or a good scratch on the head. Then circling once or twice, and dropping his body with a thud and a sigh on his soft, red bed. A big yawn, then slowly dozing off into dreamland with the occasional snore or bark in his sleep.

These are sounds that will stay with me.

Towards the end, his body started to fail him. His steps slowed and became more deliberate. Our walks became shorter and the ball stayed out in the yard. His big warm body, thinner and tired. He remained dignified and loving and held on as long as he could. A friend said to me… "Dogs are created in paradise and will be waiting for you in heaven." Waiting for us and watching over us the rest of our days. I know that is true with our big buddy. Yesterday evening, the sun began to fade, the temperature cooled and the farm grew still. We said goodbye to our old friend.

Cooper, Your devotion and friendship brought us an immeasurable amount of love. You were Trevor's best friend and you saved one another by your serendipitous meeting. We were blessed to have your companionship and feel your kind spirit daily. Always warming our souls with your eyes. Coop, I hope you are running through the grass, chasing a ball without a pain in your step or a care in the world… feeling blissful, young and free. We miss you more than I can say. You were our baby and our hearts feel very broken without you. xo

Monday, June 14, 2010

mickey drexler article

Anyone catch this weekends article in the WSJ about J.Crew's CEO? Maybe you're like me - never heard of the guy. Well he's fascinating and quite the retail guru. Turned Gap around when it was faltering, then went on to make J. Crew the hot stock it is today. And he rides an old bike around the office. So cool to find out about the people behind the scenes. Oh, and he kinda sorta had the idea for Old Navy & J.Crew Bridal. No biggie.
fun fact : the name Old Navy came from a bar in Paris

Sunday, June 13, 2010

birthday wishes

Lordy, lordy it was hot this weekend. Stifling heat just radiating down made the thick air harder to breathe. That and the fact that I'm a wide load coming on through. But the folks down in Manchester, Tennessee were the ones really tested. I felt a tinge of jealousy on Friday when I talked to some friends heading to Bonnaroo. I have my own crazy memories of being there, but I still wished I could hop in the car and join in the fun. This photo from friends totally made up for any disappointment I felt. Just had me grinning from ear to ear!

Friday, June 11, 2010

32 + 39

Tomorrow I will be 32 years old and 39 weeks pregnant. Hmm, when did all that happen? Normally, I like to celebrate my whole birthday week. Spoiled I know. But this time around I've barely put a thought into the day. Just another year. It could have to do with all the things going on. I'm praying for someone in the hospital, anxiously waiting on baby, busy with a couple of work projects, and keeping an eye on my lovable lab. They all take precedent over a birthday this time. Maybe hubs has something small planned up his sleeves. Hint hint!

One of my crushes… Anthropologie, sent a sweet note just for moi. A candle necklace and a little incentive to do a bit of shopping. Not that I needed any, but how thoughtful!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

modern style

Organized chaos. I think that describes my style. As my husband can attest, I love a lot of stuff. But, sometimes a really pared down, minimal interior is appealing to me too. I could never pull it off, but I admire those that do. Anyway, I saw this cool modern house featured on design*sponge. And low and behold, the owner lives in Nashville + she has a fun blog called party perfect. Lot's of pretty party inspiration to check out. So fun to discover interesting people in your city!

Check out the play room… I would love to crawl in that tee-pee.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

books and bedtime shower


This is a bit belated, but I still wanted to share this fun party. Mom and aunt Louise have a lot of the same friends since they're sisters. A few that they go way back with, offered to throw cousin Lauren and I a shower. And by golly they went all out. The drinks were flowing and the mood was mighty spirited for a Sunday afternoon. We gathered at Louise's house and were immediately taken in by this lovely group of women. Smiling faces and curious minds all focused on the bellies. Some even remembered stories to tell about us as babies. I can only imagine our mothers in big mexican tent dresses, out on the farm, balancing us on their hips. We were definitely glowing by the end. Maybe not as glowing as those partaking in the champers, but glowing none the less. Keeping it all in the family, so to speak, Currier catered the affair with some divine nibbles. By gosh that girl has a way with food. Host Anita, brought children's books & stuffed animals to gussy up the spread. Adorable.


Lauren and I opened some wonderful gifts while the "adults" continued to get very lively. Somehow the roles had really reversed here. It was a ball! And I made sure to try each flavor of cupcake before I left. At this point, why not? The party was wrapping up and a few women sped off in a hot red convertible. In the wrong direction mind you. That was our clue. A good time really was had and now it was time to go home!


hospital bag

Umm, this could be one of the most boring posts ever, but hey… I'm in full on nesting mode. Yall will just have to excuse me for a while :)

So, I did it. I finally packed my hospital bag. Hubs has been nagging me for weeks, but it took having a serious, stop me in my tracks to double over, sort of faux contraction on Saturday to get my attention. And boy did it. I was working on the baby room. Actually, clearing out & de-cluttering would better describe the process. Baby will be spending the summer in my brother Will's old room so we've been putting away old video games, posters, frat t-shirts, and tons of cd's. Since he lives in NY, a lot of his stuff is still here. His room was like stepping back into highschool all over again. Sorry brother, but it's now babified with snuggly blankets and diaper pails. It's lookin' good I tell ya. Anyway, back to the bag. It's all packed up and just ready to be toted off to the hospital. Good thing too, cause I can only imagine hubs running around the house like a crazy man getting random items he thinks we'll need. Let's save him that stress please.

I looked at some lists on blogs like the stamford wife dear baby design mom and here's what made the cut : pj's * outfit for me to come home in * outfit for baby to come home in (little sack gown from a friend) * blanket for baby * socks * undies * nursing bra * ipod & speakers * headband * mothers special blend oil * robe * flip flops * magazine * phone charger * boppy * fancy shampoo + moroccan oil * toiletries
Hopefully this will suffice, but any tips from peeps out there are always welcome. Now if only I could just quit staring at the darn thing ever time time I walk by. Maybe it should go live in the closet as not to create any additional anxiety!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

lay or bust

Currier and I started Tenn Hens Design 5 years ago. We were burned out with the advertising world, wide-eyed and ready for a change. We didn't have a clue about starting our own gig, but we made up for it with a ton of passion. Plus, we worked our tails off. So, Friday was kind of sad. It was our last day in the office on Acklen Avenue. Now don't you worry… we hens shall continue business as usual, but we'll be working from home for now. It's just that I'm having a baby. Yes a real baby… whoa. And the fact that I live in Greenville (except for this summer of course). It's caused us to adjust our work style a bit and adapt to a new one: one that we hope will be just as successful and fulfilling. We packed up all our stuff this week and went through samples of our first projects: funny projects we thought were "huge" at the time. Currier and I cracked up and reminisced about all the bizarre things that had happened in this office. Oh if these walls could talk! We had some good times I tell ya. And more to come for sure.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

a little tingle

Ahh… short weeks are nice. I have been pretty consumed with Tenn Hens lately, but I'm kind of winding down on a few projects. And my body is definitely telling me to start taking it easy. Easier said than done. What started as mildly annoying has turned into seriously irritating. My fingers tingle all the time now. Apparently its from carpal tunnel and happens to lots of preggo people. At night I turn from one side to the other, with a big thud, when one hand falls asleep. I've had very few issues during this pregnancy so I'm really trying not to complain, but it's driving me batty. Getting mighty close though. Whoopee!

This pic is from 2 weeks ago and I'm a bit rounder by now for sure, but just for documentation sake… here is 36 weeks. I'll take some more this weekend and show you just how round we're talking about!


And something weighing heavily on my mind these days is Mr Cooper. He's having a very hard time and it's made us have some very intense conversations. Please send some good doggie love his way and I'll keep you updated on our big buddy.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

before and after

He can jump really really high, loves road trips, watches tv, plays soccer, rides in the tractor with dad, and is extremely cuddleable. And I swear it's like having another person in the room. Mose attracts attention wherever he goes. A rough coat Jack Russell Terrier. I felt compelled to document his recent haircut. My parents like giving him a summer cut to keep him cool. Well, he walked in the door feeling mighty sassy. Myself, I like the original Mose. Curlier & funnier for sure, but Dad loves him shaved - shows off all his muscles. Figures.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

two years ago


Two years ago, yesterday, I got married. It was dreamy. In fact it kind of still feels like a dream, because the whole day was so beautiful. We planned our anniversary date around a picnic. The cooler was packed with fried chicken, potato salad, cheese, crackers, hummus, and strawberry cupcakes. Mmmm. Our scenic drive was part of the Old Tennessee Trail. Listening to a little Al Green we went from Leiper's Fork to Fly, Tenn. The pouring rain and a damaged bridge detour only added to the ride. Our bellies were singing for some food so we stopped along the Natchez Trace Pkwy for some nibbles and a toast. A mini bottle of bubbly was shared while we reminisced about all the changes we've been through. Some old memories, new dreams and wishes for our baby on the way. What a blessing to have someone to share dreams with.