Saturday, April 5, 2014

hit with a frying pan

I know. I'm totally not a blogger anymore. It's hard to believe 3 months have already gone by since we left Dallas, but what can I say except time flies. It has not been without its hiccups, but I thank my lucky stars we're home.
I'm coming out of that newborn baby haze and starting to acclimate back into the real world. I'm a workin' gal again and we found a nanny I absolutely adore, which has made the transition mighty smooth. Mimers is in school a few days a week at a sweet program nearby and the gal has quickly made a whole new set of girly pals. She is my social butterfly! Oakes is 4 months now which is cray-crazy! It's totally different this go round and he's the most laid back big bopper. His big ole smile is so sweet I can't tell you and he makes all sorts of funny baby noises. He touches his toes and is starting to roll around a bit. Loves to be naked, watch big sista, drool a lot, grab dangly toys, have his hair brushed, and this muchacho-man is a sleeper. Been sleepin' through the night since 12 weeks… pinch  me. I paid my dues with Miss Mimers so I totally deserve this! I squeeze those jelly-roll legs and kiss that tummy constantly, wishing he could stay a baby forever. He is so precious and I keep reminding myself to take all this baby time in, because this is probably our last one. This big ole boy sure has my heart in a big way. I didn't think I could love anyone the way I love my girl, but I've learned your heart & soul grow when you have a child. That love grows and grows and surrounds you and surprises you with its strength.
A little wrinkle in the sheets was a nasty virus that rolled through the Cross household last week. Both babies got sick in a HORRENDOUS kinda way. Runny noses, hacking coughs, ear infections, sick husband, spit-up, no sleep, and 3 trips to the pediatrician in 1 week. Lordy help me!! Just when I thought we were in a pretty easy routine and all was good, it went downhill fast. Whoever said having a second child was easy?! My cousin Lauren's husband said "having a second child is like a frying pan to the face'. Lordy, will I ever not be tired? And can I just say that 3-1/2 is a really hard age? I find myself negotiating with a 3 year old… a lot. Oh and bribing. I bribe a lot.
daddy_moosh green_paci two_peas
Our rental house is doing just fine for now, but I'm scouring real estate listings every week in hopes of finding our perfect home soon. I am beyond anxious to really settle into a home, get everything out of storage, and start having friends over again. Some day. At least for now, I am thankful to have folks dropping by, kids running around our tiny space, and trips out to my parents farm when we're in need of some fresh air. Trevor and I took a trip down memory lane recently and went to 2 Widespread shows in 1 week. Yes, we're teenagers sometimes. We drove with some friends out to Mcminville to hear them play underground in the caves, then went downtown to the Ryman over the weekend. Just like old times, except that now I'm old and have kids that wake up extra early in the morning. It was fun, but I can barely hang anymore!
cave-show cumberland-caverns tailgating-men 
Miriam loves to whisper silly secrets in my ear lately and tonight she said in a really soft voice… "mommy I love you very very much and you're my best friend". There is no doubt it is all hard. Good days and bad days. Feeling like I'm in my groove one minute and then loosing it the next. But even on the hardest days I'm feeling like life is pretty darn good. There's more to say and more to catch up, but if I don't hit publish now I probably won't blog for another three months. So here's to hoping for more sun shiny spring days ahead and fewer frying pans to the face!
outside IMG_0548