Wednesday, April 27, 2011

town greenville

I love flipping through the local paper & magazines, but most of the ones here disappoint. Sorry, Greenville News. However, I've kind of fallen for a new one called TOWN. Features on local artists, restaurants, and general cool things going on. One showed a place called Grits & Groceries and now I'm definitely planning a drive to the country. Anyway, I know most people skip right over the ads, but not moi and one of 'em (by Lindsay Carmody) caught my eye. So I went to her site and saw more of this friendly kitchen. Sure wish that window shade could make its way to my house.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

baby tech

Let me start by saying I'm kinda torn on this subject. Recently, I was getting a pedicure and a mother & young daughter to my right staring at their phones. Actually, the daughter had an ipad and a phone in her lap. Their eyes were glazed over and they barely spoke a word to each other the whole time. Now, I'm a tad obsessed with my iphone too, but it really annoyed me. What a tiny opportunity to just relax and talk to one another. I need to remind myself that I don't know these people and it's not any of my business, but what it did was make me do a mental check not to be that way. I love what the internet has given us… the freedom to work from home, or stay in touch with old friends on facebook, or skype with my family, or blog… but sometimes we need to turn it all off and just be present. That's really what I took away from a situation that was super minor, but a good personal reminder.

But…with all that said, I'm still fascinated with the possibilities of technology. And shhhhh, I downloaded my first app for Miriam. Yes, yes, I know I'm a walking contradiction, but everything in moderation right? Besides, knowing your farm animals is serious business for babies. This one is called Peekaboo Barn and I'm just as obsessed as the baby.

And I'd definitely buy 3 Little Pigs too if she was old enough!

Monday, April 25, 2011

easter weekend

Waking up to the pitter-patter of rain on a Saturday is a good excuse to stay in my pajamas a little longer. Lately I've been skipping the whole high-chair thing and baby girl eats in her bumbo on the counter. This way she can see the world. Today she was extra interested in my making the coffee and we both nibbled on some fruit. That banana can be extra slippery for little nubby fingers so I fed her with my own. Then she'd get distracted and try and pull her bib off or reach her hand into the yogurt nearby while I wasn't watching. Tricky little nugget.
I've snapped out of my hum-bug mood and had a wonderful Easter weekend. I picked up my lovely succulent arrangement at Roots. You bring them your own containers (I got mine at t.j.max for cheap) and they'll plant everything for just the cost of the plants. I said I wanted moss and no rocks, but I got rocks & no moss. No worries, I still dig it.
And I finally got to hang out with my husband. He's been working non-stop on his final project and though it's not over, I see an end in sight. It's crazy to think he's almost done with school. Yep, I'm going to be one proud wife. And since it was Easter Sunday we decided it was time for Miriam to test out the nursery. We all put on our nice clothes and arrived ready for the drop off. Then I realized I forgot to put shoes on her. Oh well, she's still mini. I put her in a bouncer and she looked at me like, ahh where am I? She's been in our nest with just me and Carlisle so being surrounded by strangers, babies everywhere, and in a new environment… umm, it was a lot. Someone was holding her when we got back and apparently she'd been a wee difficult. Didn't like their toys, just wanted to be held or walked in a stroller. I swooped her up and wiped the tears and she was back with momma. Poor baby, but I know they took care of her and she was just fine by the time we got home. Right in time for a nap so we could enjoy a little brunch outside. Have I told you how much I love quiche? Well, I do. You can pretty much put anything in there and it's going to taste good. And I always have eggs, cheese, and some sort of leftovers I can throw together when the fridge is looking a little empty. So we grazed on quiche & scones, while toasting to a relaxing weekend, a sleeping baby, and all new things to come this springtime.

Friday, April 22, 2011

friday delivery

Today, I'm delivering these little goodies to a friend. Her sweet girl is turning 1, which is crazy cause that means my nugget isn't too far behind. What a milestone! Hopefully this little 2-tooth grin will make some grandparents & friends smile too.
And this is a peony bush I pass by everyday on my walk. Just about to bloom any day now and it's going to be hard not to pluck one, because I'm obsessed with them. Their smell and bright color… mmmm. Wish I had a whole yard just full of 'em.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

design by nanny

Our little bungalow, while wonderful & charming is pretty small. Now, I like a cozy, lived in house with lots of stuff, but this is pushing it. And with baby girl around it's gotten crazy cramped. Plus we had no area outside the nursery for her to sit and play. I was constantly piling blankets on the hard wood floors to try and create a space and then cleaning it up at the end of every day.

So, since I was super busy and had no extra time I sensibly decided we needed a makeover. Naturally. Carlisle, my nanny, and I got straight to work moving everything around. She's amazing and the next thing I knew the house was in complete shambles as we switched rugs, moved furniture, changed lighting, and then switched it around some more. Hmmm, I knew this girl had an eye for interiors when every day the tv was tuned in to HGTV. Nanny / decorator / future med-school student, you could say I lucked out at the grocery store that fateful day. It's nothing fancy, but I can't even tell you how much better my house looks and now I'm wishing I had before+after pics. My husbands face, like what in the world have you been doing, was classic.
 {the new playroom with my downward facing dog baby cakes}
 To top of my new arrangement, my recent purchase, a little owl lamp from Target now had a spot. I was a little unsure when he arrived. Kinda quirky and larger than I'd expected, but now I adore him and smile every time I come and go.

Monday, April 18, 2011

sliding doors

So, I've had a lot on my mind lately and been a bit bogged down. I'll spare you the details, but it's been kind of hard. Growing up ain't easy and it makes me miss my momma. Who knew that as an adult you can still miss your mom just as strongly as when you were little? But it's true. I love it here, but it feels temporary so it's hard for me to feel totally settled. Now, before you think I'm throwing myself a pitty party I promise I'm not. Life is good. Really good and I'm grateful. The weekend was full and I felt really happy being busy. I managed to clean the house, go to the store, keep the baby from fussing while hubs study group was over, cook dinner, make a pie, and only smash one bottle of this while leaving the liquor store. All in time to host some people for dinner on Saturday. Nice distractions.

That movie, Sliding Doors is what keeps coming to mind. One little choice can lead you on an entirely new path. Whew, that's a lot to think about. There is one surefire remedy to distract my mind when I can't stop worrying. Just take a long look at my Moosh. Perfect and sweet and not a care in the sky.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

working south

A few weeks ago I went to an art exhibit at the Greenville Museum by Mary Whyte. She painted a series of watercolors featuring a vanishing breed of workers. A textile worker, an oyster man, a quilter, a ferryman, and a cotton picker. Work that was once commonplace in the south. I walked around and studied the faces. Eachl had their own story to tell. And even though they had a ton of detail they were also really ethereal & mysterious. I'm going back again, because it was that amazing. Ahh… good ole Greenville does it again!
 My fave, Sunday Morning, did a great story on her too. And photos are © from here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend errands

Saturday was gorgeous outside so I hopped in the car to do a little browsing at old navy and treat myself to a pedicure. Tuned out and flipping through the latest mags while the massage chair hummed. Such a luxury and my toes sure needed attention. Before I made my way home I stopped into Palmetto Olive Oil, a specialty oil and vinegar store. Who knew?! They have a ton of varieties and you can pour yourself a taste with a bite of bread. Let me just say... amazing. They had me at the logo and I took home a bottle of Tuscan Herb.
I was gone for quite a while, but I don't think sweet hubs minded. He and Miriam were decked out in Masters gear watching it on TV and wishing they were walking in that Augusta grass. Some day darlin. After the baby went down we ate dinner on the patio and lingered in the warm air. Little piece of heaven.
{I love this picture because you totally have to aim the spoon. She's always wiggling around. Sometimes I get the nose or a cheek instead of her mouth.And she'd much rather feed herself which is a whole 'nother level of messiness.}

Thursday, April 7, 2011

rock show

I am moving slow and my ears are ringing this morning. Thank goodness for coffee and sunshine. The Drive By Truckers were playing down the street at The Handlebar. It's a cool little music venue and it's so close we can walk. Love that about our neighborhood! It was packed inside, though I did notice a large empty space directly behind my husband the entire night. Nobody wants to be behind the tall guy. They played it loud and folks were jamming and singing along. After midnight we walked on back home, pulled off my boots, and crawled into bed with the band still singing in our dreams. Tired but worth every extra yawn.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

great food series

Since I can't stop staring at these beautiful books I thought I'd share. A little witty, charming & so delicious all together. The designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith, also did the great Penguin classics that have popped up all over. "I want these books to be cherished like the literature inside. If something is well considered, it will entice. People want to explore it, feel it. That design shines through and connects." Yes, please.
pics via

Monday, April 4, 2011

out and about

Ah-mazing. I don't think I opened my computer once this weekend. Reading, walking, playing, cooking, and a mini nap in the sun. Whew, it felt good to shut off and just spend some down time with my family of three. Our big Friday night out consisted of a toys-r-us run and dinner at the Schwaben House. We were home by seven. Yawn, but it's the only way we can get out for dinner with the Moosh. So a jar of baby food, a bib, some toys, and we're set. And when all else fails, she loves a simple straw. I put a little water in there and she opens up just like a baby bird.

Greenville was blessed with sunshine and a breeze so we spent as much time as possible outside. We had a playdate of sorts with a friend. Since we don't do a whole lotta playing yet we watched little Keller climb & run about the playground. Little boy hands playing in the dirt and constantly on the move while his momma trailed behind. Me oh my, things sure do change when a baby is mobile!

On Sunday, after a lazy morning of hanging in the backyard, we went to a cookout. Our host had a great spread and some wildflowers on the table.

All wonderful except you know who was sorta cranky. She wanted to be held or fed or entertained in some fashion the whole time. Big babycakes. Then right when dinner was served she had a dirty diaper that got all over clothes. Lovely timing. And did I have an extra set of clothes in the diaper bag? Of course not. Gosh, weren't we the perfect party guests! No, nobody batted an eye. We borrowed a baby shirt and then enjoyed a great meal on the porch. Perfect ending to a spring weekend.

Friday, April 1, 2011

happy days

I can't believe my eyes, but the sun is actually shining today. That makes for one happy Sophie and one mad lady cleaning house. There was a large stack of stuff piling in the dining room that I'd been casually ignoring until I was forced to deal. A car seat, a baby swing, bottles, tiny clothes, stuffed animals, summer clothes, books, art supplies, and boxes now have a resting place in Miriam's closet. Not that you'd want to go opening the door all quick, but it's secure enough for now. Yahoo. And now I'm off to check on the squawking in the next room. Someone keeps rolling onto her stomach & practicing a rocking motion in her crib. Too busy to nap!