Saturday, November 26, 2011

giving thanks

Even though I found myself never quite sitting down or relaxing, yesterday was a great day of thanks. The family gathered at aunt Louise's for a beautiful sunny day lunch on Thanksgiving. We shared stories, updated one another on news, and let the babies run a muck. They were wild! still managed to sip on some champers and eat some mighty good food. Brother and I competed for best side dish and uh, hmm… I think my Mac & Cheese was the clear winner. I could barely stop myself from eating an entire bowl for breakfast.What a day, what a day!
photo 1 collage-tday photo 3 photo 2

Thursday, November 10, 2011

big news : the big d

I suppose I'm going to have to change the name of this blog soon. You see my friends, we are moving to Dallas. Let me back up… T finished grad school back in May so we left Greenville and moved back home. We've spent the last few months here, happy, but up in the air on our future plans. I've been busy with Tenn Hens and he's been busy searching and Moosh has just been plain busy. All of our belongings have been waiting patiently in storage. {side note : I have these crazy dreams that the folks from "storage wars" are going to show up at our unit, b/c we've forgotten to pay our bill, and buy off all our stuff - yikes! } Anyway, it's honestly been a little hard, but we've been positive and tried to make the best out of it. Besides, we've been home with all our friends and family.

A job that has been in the works for quite a while has finally panned out and that means we are headed to Texas. Whoa! We're a little sad to be leaving home and always thought we'd stay here, but life has picked another path for us. It's a great opportunity so I'm thrilled for T - he deserves it! And we will create a great little world around us wherever we are. So… if you know anybody in Dallas tell 'em I need some friends. Just kidding. Not really. The stressful part is we have to find a place to live in a town we know nothing about. Wish me luck 'cause we're heading down there this weekend to do just that. At least we get to stay put through the holidays while he works in the local office and get our fill of everything + everyone here. That's my big news for now so stay tuned and if anyone out there has any Dallas tips I am all ears! xo

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

web roundup

Fall, fall, fall. The leaves are falling everywhere in Nashville and we've been blessed with the most beautiful weather. Anyway, let me show you some of the sweet stuff I've been seeing on the web lately…

Two websites discovered by hubs : Back Down South. Southern street style with a heavy hand of local folks and also some good music recs.

Old Try : A Southern print shop located up North. Go figure. But, they're awesome and I adore their vibe. I'm resisting, but I really think we need those Carolina + TN prints.

Do you "pin"? It's this amazing website were you can archive all of your finds from the web. Like a giant virtual inspiration board. Especially if you're working on a project, you can save images to your boards and have one spot to reference. One small step in organizing my scattered mind - yay! Check out Pinterest (and if you need an "invite" to join, let me know and I can send you a link).

And last but, not least… To curb my pumpkin craving, I made this 2 ingredient cake over the weekend. While it won't totally rock your world, it's still pretty good. And, I don't need to tell you that 2 ingredients is umm, well, pretty fabulous. Just don't go thinking it's too healthy, because there is indeed an entire box of cake mix inside! {Note: I used spiced cake mix + no icing}
{image via pinterest}

Thursday, November 3, 2011

fall happenings

I have been seriously neglecting this blog and I'll be surprised if anyone out there is still reading, but I have some good excuses. Fall has arrived and we've been fitting in as many outside activities as possible. I went on a girls weekend to my family's house in Beersheba. It was relaxing and wonderful as always. Cooking, hiking, gossiping, playing – the whole bit.
Also, my dear, dear friend got hitched. I did my bridesmaid duty and attended brunch after party after brunch and there was no other place I wanted to be. And I was honored to design some of the elements for the wedding - here. She looked stunning walking down that aisle and you'd have never known she'd broken her nose 6 days before. That's right… broke…her…nose! She got knocked in the face by a horse and broke her nose the weekend before her big day. Scary right?! Kind of a job hazard since she's a vet, but of all times to get hurt! Yikes. Makeup, plenty of ice packs, and a little luck and she was ok. Poor thing was such a trooper. Lot's of reminiscing and clinking of glasses and photographs and plenty of dancing. My feet were aching from all the revelry, but well worth the fun.
And finally, we dressed up the Moosh and hit the Halloween trail with some friends. Their neighborhood was packed with costumed children running from door to door on sugar highs. It was nuts, but so much fun. Ahh, to be young!