Thursday, June 28, 2012

balloons and beer garden

I was up and at 'em this morning bright and early. Lots of work to do and I felt my mind racing already. Two little toddlers kept running into my office and fighting over the leftover birthday balloons so I made my escape to a nearby coffee shop. My friend Whitney and I hired a new nanny to start sharing and this week the girls are at my house. So far so good, but it meant last week I had to fire the previous girl. Very awkward and I completely rambled on, but it's really for the best and that's all that matters. Childcare has been such a source of frustration and worry, but that's for a whole nother post.
flyin_balloons bday-table Around the house things are FINALLY wrapping up in the bathroom re-do. Yahoo! We have a tile floor, water and a working shower and a toilet… wait, half a toilet. Yes, the workers somehow "lost" the top to the toilet during renovation. Now come on… tell me, just how do you lose a toilet top?? I'm sure what really happened is someone broke it and decided not to mention it. Lordy pete. I promise to take some good pics very soon.

The guys were still working last Saturday around 5, so we decided to get out of the house and try Goodfriend Beer Garden. It was cute and even the 100 degree heat couldn't keep us off the patio. We're from Tennessee where the humidity is thick so we 'aint scared. Well kinda. My car read 109 yesterday at lunch. It's going to be one long, Texas summer! beer_garden lemons

Thursday, June 21, 2012

t w o

Every morning I hear peeps and talking and funny noises coming from upstairs. Ever morning I open the door and greet Miriam with a big "good morning baby". This morning was different. Today, I got to say "happy birthday babycakes", to which she repeated right back to me. My little mynah bird. Two years ago we were in the hospital steadying ourselves and awaiting the big arrival. She was perfect and new. Tiny and pink. My baby girl. Now, here we are at two with scraped knees and little hands that can reach up to the kitchen counter.
I remember thinking how much I loved the six month mark, and then eighteen months was so blissful and now at two I think this is my favorite. I think you love it all when you're a mom. The good and the bad and the hard all roll into a love you can barely express, but it's there and it fills you.
T W O… Loves music in the car. Went potty for the first time (but not since). Awesome eater, but loves to ask for yogurt and then not eat it. Says "ok" instead of "yes". Likes to put hats on and play cowgirl. Very opinionated about what pajamas she wears. Still obsessed with lovey. Great sleeper. Still not sure about sharing…bit of a mine-o-saur. Helps mommy put away groceries, but insists on putting everything in the bottom bin. Favorite thing to "draw" is moons.
Says hi to everyone at the grocery. Puts herself in time-out when she's had enough. Goes swimming in the bathtub and eats bubbles. Requests a band-aid almost daily. Asks for one wipe during diaper changes so she can then go wipe down her toys. Feeds elmo chair milk. Insists on a bib at meal time.
IMG_9881 IMG_9463 IMG_9885
current Miriam phrases…i not like mommy music / i wear dancing bears shirt / my daddy go work / sipsie girl love bananas / cows love grass / i go belle's house / i'm making cookies, i'm making milk / garage door not open, oh no / i want sing dance / i need change diaper / i want dance on mommy bed/ i not want take bath / mommy need potholder … obvi I could go on!

You make everything better and everything more beautiful. I'm sure glad I get to be your momma. Happy birthday baby!

Monday, June 18, 2012

mommas visit

It's been a while so I'm just going to dive on in y'all. Momma came to town and arrived just in time. I was missing home and feeling exhausted and irritable over our renovation saga. I needed a hug and a familiar face to help me sort it out and buck up a bit. Moms are good at that.
We lunched and shopped and explored this big ole place, but we also stayed in a lot and worked on the house. It was all and all a relaxing week except for a crazy break in the weather. A hail storm cam out of nowhere one evening around 5 and produced baseball size ice balls flying everywhere. It was so loud you wouldn't believe it. They were bouncing off the ground and tapping our windows and pegging the roof. It was nuts y'all. Mom and I were completely freaking out (actually, mom was freaking out), but leave it to the baby to remain cool and collected during an the chaos. Our neighbors were out in it and their back windshield was totally cracked and had holes all in it. Can you imagine? Thank goodness we were home safe and sound and there was wine in the fridge.
Untitled Untitled
Anyway, we survived the storm and went about our momma/daughter week of fun… touring the Nasher Sculpture Center, finding antique row downtown, getting me some neon shorts, watching the grout go in the bathroom, eating at the Zodiac room in the original Neimans (they start your meal with warm chicken broth & a cheese wafer which sounds bizarre, but it totally warms the soul!), celebrating my birthday (34 durn it), and perusing a fabric warehouse for drapes. Apparently the bamboo blinds I bought, while inexpensive and pretty, are not great for blocking out light. Oops. At least they look good.
Untitled Untitled Untitled arboretum1
One morning we went to the Dallas Arboretum to see the Chihuly exhibit which was seriously gorgeous. Everything was blooming and the blown-glass was twinkling in the sun, but I had to keep one eye on Miriam who wanted to dive into every pool of water we came upon. Lordy, toddlers are fast! Speaking of being a toddler, we're in a total Mommy mode around here. "No daddy hold hand, no May-May push stroller… I want Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." Oh, my silly Moosh I hope you love me this much forever.
Untitled The week was all too much fun and all went by entirely too fast. Momma leaving was sad and a few tears were shed, but it also re-energized my spirit. I'm feeling grateful and bit tougher like I can do this. I can live in a brand new city and be happy and find my way. Plus, my house is looking mighty fine with her special touch. Did I mention she rearranged all my knick-knacks, styled every table, fluffed, straightened, and helped me finally put stuff on the walls? She sure did. Thanks Momma. I needed you more than you know.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

dinner dates and digging ditches

Wanna hear what put me in a really good mood last weekend? Two dinner dates out. I felt like I was all young and hip again. I actually used the word hip while we were out though and Trevor said using that word definitely meant I am by no means "young." Durn. Anniversary night we tried Bolsa. It reminded me of going to East Nashville back home. You wonder a bit about the part of town you're entering, but then you hit this foody mecca that makes the trip totally worth it. Bolsa was so good I can barely pick a favorite bite, but that okra & cornbread stew sure warmed my heart. That and the good lookin' guy across the table. He's pretty special to me and I'm glad we're doing this together. We had after dinner drinks at Oddfellows which was my kind of spot. Pretty branding caught my eye and they made me a mean dark & stormy. Our restaurant hopping continued on Saturday with some friends at Salum. All the food in this town is on a whole nother level people. Brownie points for the big D this weekend.
photo 2 photo 3 photo 2-2 photo 4
And here's my happening on the home front : Yesterday we got new plumbing installed. Two huge holes in our backyard and no bathroom floor remain. It went from crazy busy all day yesterday as they installed our new plumbing to crickets today. When a contractor says "sure, no problem" we'll make your timeline, be wary. I've been stewing all morning as I watch workers next door get after it, while our job site stays quiet. Never mind that we discussed our deadline ad nauseum and that my mom is coming on Sunday. If this guy ever finishes our bathroom it will be a small miracle. Ughh, construction.
photo 5-2 photo 4-2