Tuesday, July 10, 2012

fresh ideas hatching

Something special happened last week with Tenn Hens.

About seven years ago, Currier and I were working together at a Nashville agency, but we were ready for a change. A big one. We were the only two ladies in our department and we were growing tired of working for the boys! It was  an amazing experience and one we do not take for granted. But… we were dyin' to do our own thing. It just took us a while to jump ship. After much discussion and after getting blessings from all our family, we quit our jobs and started Tenn Hens. We had no idea what we were doing (for a while actually), but we had the best time doing it out together. There were a whole 'lotta mistakes! There were lots of ups & downs, and late nights, long Friday lunches, but by golly we were doing it and we hung in there together.And now we've been in business since '05.
IMG_0746 Along the way we kept discussing the idea of creating a line of Tenn Hens products. It got pushed aside when times were busy, but it kept tugging at our souls. "Some day" we'll design our own stationary. I remember some folks from our past life in the advertising world kind of looking  down on that. I guess it wasn't as "serious" as designing campaigns for national brands and I think we kind of believed them for a while. But what we discovered over the years, besides doing what makes YOU happy, is that there's more than one way to run a design business.

Years went by and we worked, we changed, we survived, we grew and we decided we loved designing marketing pieces for businesses, but we also LOVED designing invitations + stationary. Currier is an artist to the core. She sketches, she watercolors, she even paints river rocks. The girl just brings a magical daydream quality to her art. Me, I'm the designer and font picker, the organizer and arranger. I put all the pretty pieces together. Friends and partners and confidants, we're better together and we make one heck of a team.
So, what I'm saying with all this rambling is… we finally went back to that little dream of ours from the very beginning. We hatched the Tenn Hens Etsy site.

It will be evolving & growing just like us. And who knows what will happen, but it is one dream come true. I sure hope you'll check it out and spread the word my friends!IMG_1098
IMG_1162 IMG_1379


  1. Stop it. This fabulous!!! Congratulations!!

  2. I'm so excited!! This is great news (although perhaps not for my bank account)

  3. awww! i'm headed over to etsy to shop right now!