Friday, June 6, 2014

oakes - six months and growing

Oh, the poor neglected 2nd child. I have been terrible about taking photos, don't have a baby book, haven't decorated a proper nursery, haven't made my own baby food this time, and on and on. So without further ado I dedicate this post to my dear baby Oakes. The most easy-going, happy-go-lucky, sweet child of mine. Big as pie eyes, lips like his daddy, and rolls for days. No tellin' the number of kisses those cheeks get daily.
IMG_7944 IMG_1825
His big eyes wander the room, following the chaos and music in the air as I cook. We're at the 7 month mark now and he sees everything. He loves to sleep on his tummy and he's even started sitting up. Big boy loves the ladies and cries when men speak too loudly or even when they don't. He's a sensitive fella. Loves to suck his thumb. Reaching, grabbing, and everything in his drooly mouth. Too big for his infant seat, but we still haul him around in it just because. Just beginning to sit up on his own with pillows surrounding when he topples over. We started food a few weeks ago and bubs can take it down. I forgot how hilarious that process is. His mouth pops open wide like a baby bird, waiting for the spoon to land softly in the right spot. Sometimes I miss. We're in this glowy, happy stage of life and I want to remember it all.
One task I did finally mark off my list was designing O's announcements. I was out photographing them recently for the Tenn Hens blog when I spotted a lone deer in the field. It was a happy sign of approval since there's a tiny fawn in the design.
IMG_8088 babyO_3
So my dear little Oakes, you may be second by birth, but there is enough love for all and we certainly do love you beyond measure.


  1. Those announcements are GORGEOUS!!!! Where are they from???

  2. Adorable. I love the announcement... it's still on my board and I probably will leave it there. xoxox.