Saturday, June 11, 2011

tweed and pizza and a pool

My mind is kind of all over the place this morning so here goes. I did a little drop by my favorite baby store recently and fell in love all over again. Maggie has created this tiny wonderland in Tweed and I wish I could take it all home with me. Surely we're long lost cousins, because I love everything she's put in her store. Even her handwriting is lovely. Tweed is also carrying a new local line called Moma Moderne which is adorable and that leads me to their blog. It's all about motherhood and it's packed with some great stuff for new moms. My prego friends, you need to check it out.

Next up, cousin Lauren sent me this recipe for a cauliflower-crust pizza. It sounds strange, but she assures me it's delish and a low carb meal would probably do me some good. She found it on this food blog called eat-drink-smile.

Moving on… we went to a great event the other night at imogene + willie's. The heat was blaring, but their back yard was nicely shaded, the music was great, and they were serving very cold beer. We listened to some great bands and then headed to Burger Up which, as usual, was perfection.

Finally, I have to share some pool party pics. Two babies in a pink pool on a hot day… always a recipe for fun and laughter. Miriam wanted to lean out and try to eat the grass and fallen nuts, while Charlie played with each toy that floated by. I also put a call into his mom that she needed to give the poor boy a proper haircut. We had to put a headband on him during lunch just to keep it out of his eyes. Just sayin'. We played and splashed until I started to worry they'd wrinkle up so we toweled off and called it a day. These babies are pure sweetness and might I say they are living the good life right now.
That's all for now, but before you go...... two little things… go watch this video of a young stevie nicks {i love} + go vote for my friend kathryn currey on this green website - thanks!


  1. Love the top you are wearing! So pretty! Those are the cutest bebes!

  2. Ahh, you did exactly what I would do in Nashville - Tweed, Imogene + Willie's, Burger Up. I agree about the top - super cute. I disagree about the haircut. I love Charlie's locks! But, yea, not sure what to do about mealtime since boys don't do bows.

  3. Ok - I can't believe I didn't go to imogenes and I missed the play date! They are so cute! So glad y'all are coming home!! - playdates all summer long - and in defense of the hair - he has had 2 haircuts already it just grows so fast I need to learn how to trim it myself