Tuesday, June 28, 2011

curiosity in paris

I love going to the movies, but somehow I never get around to it. Netflix is so much easier. However, on Sunday, momma and I braved the rain and ventured out for a little viewing of Midnight in Paris. Ahh, Paris. The language, the architecture, the desserts…does it get more romantic? It's a funny little movie, but the city itself is the real star. When Trevor and I went a couple years ago, we wandered in to the most curious shop. The bottom floor seemed normal enough - gardening supplies & gifts, but then we headed up the tiny staircase and discovered a total menagerie. Life size stuffed animals (the previous alive kind), preserved butterflies, insects, eye balls, biology maps, ostrich eggs, and beetles. Totally bizarre & totally fascinating. I felt like we had stepped into some far off place & we kept looking at each other in wonder. Crazy! Anyway, my point to this story is this curiosity shop in Paris was in a scene of the movie. I immediately nudged momma to tell her I'd been there. Turns out it's a pretty famous place called Deyrolle. The next time you're in Paris (ha, only a short hop away) you should check this place out. And check out the movie too. Funny & light, and quite an escape for your mind to drift off to the city of lights.

ps: Brother Will moved today. Packed up his apartment, cleaned off his desk at work, said goodbye to a girl, and sat in a cab watching the city go by in slow motion as his life in New York came to an end. Yikes, I'm getting emotional just thinking about it. Selfishly, I'm excited he's going home, because that means less phone calls, but I know it's bittersweet for him. Change can be hard, but I suppose… c'est la vie. Au revoir big city.

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