Monday, July 4, 2011

first birthday

Miriam's birthday came & went in a flash. One second we were in Nashville and the next second we were back in Greenville. Whew, our life has been a whirl wind of travel, work, interviews, and talk of moving. But… we squeezed in a party for baby girl and I'm so glad we did. Very small and laid back, but it was special to celebrate with friends. After all, we made it through year 1 and that's a heck of a reason to celebrate. I made some simple apps, but most of my effort went into making sprinkles strawberry cupcakes. Whole lotta work, but they were ridiculous and you could just taste all that butter & love inside. Miriam, for one, went straight for the icing and was licking her chops with a smile.

I made these "republic of Moosh flags" (at least that's what hubs called them) that were adorable, but then I had no idea what to do with them. Hmmm, well thought out plan. I ended up just sticking some in a cup as decor. A better idea was these Mexican-Flowers made out of tissue paper. They added some flair to the table and afterwards I bunched them together and hung in my office.
We were all glowing from the heat, but a handful of ladies were also giving off that baby vibe. Seriously, it feels like everybody is pregnant! Y'all must be drinking out of the same tap. Lots of babies on the horizon that I'll be lovin' on soon. Miriam was coming off that sugar high & rubbing her eyes by the end which was the sign of a really fun party. Cheers baby love!


  1. So precious! I love the flags!!

  2. i love the wrapping and her invitation is so cute too! guess having a graphic designer mom ensures cool invites for life!

  3. Buns! We are so sad to have missed the party but I am overjoyed that y'all are moving back. Can't wait to have play dates!