Thursday, August 4, 2011

baby at the beach

I'm still dreaming of the waves humming in the distance, but it's back to the real world after our beach trip. Don't you always feel like by the time you settle in and begin to relax, it's already time to go home? A vacation to the beach is always too short, though I shouldn't complain a bit. We got to get away from it all and put our toes in the sand. The beaches of 30A are beautiful and so are all the children in Seaside. Everyone is friendly and chatty and in a laid back state of mind. I can tell you it was different than vacations of the past. Toting Miss Moosh around changes everything. Long days on the beach with a cooler of beer are no longer! And that's ok. We worked around her schedule, took turns, applied & reapplied sunscreen to that soft baby skin, stacked 2 highchairs at a high-top table so she could eat with us, put her in a floaty, sat under the umbrella a lot, and tried to make baby as happy as possible. She was like a little fish splashing and kicking those legs while watching all the big kids play. She was in heaven. We brought a wagon with us and I felt like we were straight out of Oregon trail rolling into the beach club. It was borderline ridiculous with an enormous red canopy. Oh, we were totally "those" people!


Our condo was perfect. Right on the beach, quiet, and nestled in the dunes. Everyone had their own room, except we decided to put Miriam in the huge walk-in closet. I realize that sounds ridiculous, but I promise she was fine. There was plenty of room for a crib and we always had the door open. She slept like a little lamby the whole time and I swear it's because there were no windows. And speaking of, she's been an angel lately. Who knew? I mean, she's still a wild mess, but the sleeping and the schedule and the two naps?… perfection. Maybe she's payin' us back for the first 6 months of screaming & crying. Maybe. Or maybe it's just a phase and all of a sudden she'll change again. Who knows, but I am saying thank you sweet baby for now

So here we are back in Nashville still getting our footing, but glad to be home. And at least we have a pool nearby so we can stay cool and pretend we still hear the Gulf crashing in the distance.


  1. great pics, buns. something about the beach makes those kiddos sleep great. let's move there.

  2. Ahhh, I want to be there right now! I'm jealous that you got to hang with Joyce- I was with my inlaws the entire weekend, so not really free to do my thing. We did get to have a datenight and try V, much to my delight (and sadness at not being able to drink wine/eat good cheese/devour raw oysters). LOVE Moosh's red wagon and canopy!

  3. It is funny how times have changed! love the pics

  4. Hope y'all are settling in. We just got back from a week in Orange Beach... yes- much different this go round. Missed our long days of beer drinking on the beach but wouldn't change a thing!