Saturday, August 13, 2011

30A Style

While we were at the beach momma picked up a copy of her friends new book, 30A Style. Inside it shows this scenic highway in Florida where the New Urbanist movement really exploded along the coast. Seaside kinda started it all, but it's grown like crazy from there. But, back to the book! It's a peek inside some of these beach homes. Some are really fancy and beautiful, but my favorites are the ones with a little character. Not overdone or too staged. These are spaces that you truly want to live in.
IMG_9369 IMG_9374 IMG_9382 IMG_9375 
…and then there's this lake cottage I may be a bit partial towards. Okay fine, I am partial because, I know the lovely folks that live here. But seriously, even if I didn't know them it would still be my favorite. Everything just seems so comfortable and inviting. Like you want to shimmy up to the counter with a cocktail and watch the chef do her thing. That's my kinda place. And the marble countertops, the yellow Le Creuset, and the cherry bar… oh, and the sleeping puppy… yessiree, don't mind if I do.
IMG_9376 IMG_9379

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  1. YAY for the beater house! Obvious favorite aside, we gravitated towards the same houses in the book- great minds and fabulous taste, of course!