Monday, May 10, 2010

all grown up

My friends are part of my family. They make me feel good and I get so much love from them. I've had one of the same friends since pre-first grade. She had the neatest handwriting, this amazing ice-cream cone sleeping bag and a stuffed bear I was totally jealous of. She was so cool and I wanted to copy everything she did. We grew up together. Shared canoe rides, college visits, bareback rides, and frozen hair on a ski trip. And most of all we shared a love of horses. We both had ponies and competed in events. We'd pack up our tack trunks and set off on road trips near & far, with horses and parents in tow. We liked horses much better than boys back then. In fact… maybe we still do. Sorry babe!

She has this spirit that makes you feel alive and special. She's counseled me on many hard decisions and ended the conversations with us roaring in laughter. I'm a lucky gal to call her my friend. So it's with a sort of mother's pride that I send her a big virtual hug. You see, Carrie graduated from UT vet school over the weekend. Four incredibly hard years of learning and long hours and sacrifice. And with the help of her lovable, sweet dog Greta…she did it! By gosh she did it! Her passion for horses is undeniable and anyone she works with will fall in love with her spirit and want to be friends, just like I did.


Congratulations Cares. You have no idea how proud I am of you. Knock 'em dead this summer and I can't wait to toast with a little bubbly… preferably after a long ride around the farm.


  1. Congrats, Carrie! I know that is a HARD-earned degree and I am super-impressed.

  2. Too cute! Congratulations Carrie!!!

  3. YAY, Carrie! Huge accomplishment. So proud of you.

  4. Yea Cares!!! Maybe you will be around for my mare's expected delivery in Lexington around March 2011. I believe this is a profession you were born to live. So look out horse world, here she comes!
    Love, Mrs. B

  5. Awesome! Vet school is tough to get in-and get through. Good luck1