Thursday, November 3, 2011

fall happenings

I have been seriously neglecting this blog and I'll be surprised if anyone out there is still reading, but I have some good excuses. Fall has arrived and we've been fitting in as many outside activities as possible. I went on a girls weekend to my family's house in Beersheba. It was relaxing and wonderful as always. Cooking, hiking, gossiping, playing – the whole bit.
Also, my dear, dear friend got hitched. I did my bridesmaid duty and attended brunch after party after brunch and there was no other place I wanted to be. And I was honored to design some of the elements for the wedding - here. She looked stunning walking down that aisle and you'd have never known she'd broken her nose 6 days before. That's right… broke…her…nose! She got knocked in the face by a horse and broke her nose the weekend before her big day. Scary right?! Kind of a job hazard since she's a vet, but of all times to get hurt! Yikes. Makeup, plenty of ice packs, and a little luck and she was ok. Poor thing was such a trooper. Lot's of reminiscing and clinking of glasses and photographs and plenty of dancing. My feet were aching from all the revelry, but well worth the fun.
And finally, we dressed up the Moosh and hit the Halloween trail with some friends. Their neighborhood was packed with costumed children running from door to door on sugar highs. It was nuts, but so much fun. Ahh, to be young!

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