Friday, January 18, 2013

jet-setting for half a second

It was thundering, lightning, and snowing all at the same time Tuesday morning. Who ever said Texas had normal weather? I was rushing around, waiting for my taxi, and waiting on my very late nanny to show. It was a cluster, but I got to the airport and made it to Nashville for my whirlwind trip. I had a big, big meeting for Tenn Hens. I was trying not to be nervous, but impossible. I sampled multiple outfits and wore my grandmothers special bracelet just for extra luck. Currier picked me up and we ate lunch at Bricktops to kill some time. We sipped cappuccinos and discussed all the exciting projects juggling in front of us. Sometimes I pinch myself thinking how lucky I am to love my job as much as I do.

Then it was back to Dallas - such the jet-setter, right?! Back to my baby girl who was so excited when I picked her up from school. "Mommy you all done with meeting?" and "Mommy, you're going to stay with me?" Mmmm, I could eat her up she's so darn sweet. What a week I tell ya and now it's back to basics. Trevor reminded me we were out of bread, milk, and trash bags this morning. Eeeks… reality check after feeling all fancy!


  1. So fun. I'm headed out of town in 3 weeks (going to Project Runway fashion week show in NYC) and I'm kind of ready to feel fancy for a couple of days! :) I love my life but it will be fun to be away!

  2. Exciting mama! I know you are glad to be back. But what fun.