Monday, January 28, 2013

girls only

No boys allowed… that's what Miriam kept saying all weekend. You gotta be careful what you say around a toddler, cause boy does it stick! Daddy was off on a ski trip with some buddies so it was indeed a girls only weekend. We had ourselves a big old time. Crafting, a birthday party, banana pancakes at Legal Grounds, a Target jaunt, supper on the patio, and a trip to the bookstore for a new Max & Ruby book. Two and a half is sort of a hilarious age. She says super silly things, corrects me often, walks on her tip-toes a lot, and tells me "that is not my favorite" all of the time. That shirt is not my favorite, that spoon is not my favorite, that fruit is not my favorite… and on and on. I caught her with sharpie last night and she just died laughing as she ran away from me. Dumping her crayon bowl on the ground is another favorite activity. Lordy-pete, she's a spitfire when she wants to be. And that's cool. Exhausting, but I totally dig that she has so much personality. We had burgers at Hopdoddy with her buddy Belle & my buddy Whitney which was so great, but when these 2 girls get together… watch out. They giggle and get all loosey-goosey on us as we try and restrain them to the table.
IMG_3192 dance-moves1 dance-moves2 colored-glass alfesco
I spent nap time + night time working on my out of control office. Paperwork, filing, bills, rearranging, ughh… cleaning is not my favorite. Better now though and I have to admit it feels good. Another baby I was taking care of the last few days was Bran. I don't even think I've introduced him, but meet the big buddy. We adopted him from the lab rescue here in town back in December. He's sort of a Cooper twin and is seriously sweet and just wants to curl up next to ya all the time. He had to have a little surgery for his leg which had been broken and worked on way before we got him. Poor guy has been through a lot, but we are sure glad to have him. Anyway, he's on the mend, but he's been super needy since he cant run around. Miriam on my hip and Brando at my side, I was never lonely for company, but I was sure glad to see T roll in the door last night. So much nicer when there's two.
brando crafting


  1. M is too cute, as always. Welcome to the family, Bran! He's a lucky one to have y'all! xo.

  2. nothing like a snuggly dog! something so relaxing about cuddling with your pup! and nothing like a girls weekend! I always loved when my dad ( and brother too!) was out of town and it was mother- daughter weekend!