Friday, March 1, 2013

creole thrift

When I'm doing research for a project I start with a folder on my desktop called "design inspiration." It's full of random images I've collected over the years - my pre-Pinterest solution to saving digital images. Colors, interiors, typefaces… I scroll through them making notes and attempting to sketch a layout. And then I step away from the computer completely. Hurts my eyes and everything can start looking the same! Time to look around the house, open drawers, open books, and get the mind cooking. I was brainstorming on a job this week and found an old favorite book tucked away. Creole Thrift. I remember my mom brought it to our house in Beersheba and I was consumed with it all weekend. I loved the design and the layout and all the quirkiness within. 
IMG_4833 IMG_4838
The author, Angele Parlange writes about her growing up in a plantation house in Louisiana. The house is beautiful and moody inside. She gives ideas on printing fabric, sewing shower curtains with home photos, and reupholstering junk. "Premium Southern Living Without Spending a Mint." Isn't that adorable? Although they were clever, I never did any of her crafty ideas. What appealed to me was just her storytelling, the colorful personality, and the texture of the images in the book. Made me feel good.
IMG_4847 IMG_4834
So I got totally distracted from the project I was working on and ended up flipping through the book all over again for at least an hour. Easily distracted? Yep. But, I did come away with some ideas in the end. At least I think I did. Even with all the beauty online, books remain my go to for creative inspiration. And pink roses on your desk certainly don't hurt either.

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  1. Alabaster lamp, pink roses and cool colorful wallpaper = a very stylish vignette. Perfection!