Monday, February 25, 2013

school closed

Monday morning is always a little rushed, a little scattered, and always little late around here. Today, we made it to school on time only to find that school was closed due to no power. Bummer. I was super frustrated and totally annoyed. My whole day would have to change around. Then I noticed how excited Miriam was. "Just me and you today mommy?" "School is closed," followed by a little smirk of pure joy. My girl sure loves her mommy and was thrilled that we got to turn around and go right back home. It made me turn my bad attitude around and be grateful for the time just the two of us. That's what children do. They make you think and be slow and play. We came home, had more coffee and set up a whole town of legos and trains. She loves to talk to her figures and pretend. We made a diving board for lego-man, elmo went to school, and our wooden buildings were stacked tall. We played naptime, a current fave, and talked about where her animals go potty. Did I mention we're potty training? I procrastinated for a long time, but it's nothing I'd made it out to be in my head. She's totally doing it. I just told her no more diapers, they're for babies, got big girl underwear, and a made a big deal about it the morning we started. We made a sticker chart together and she picks one when she goes. Maybe it's just luck. I have no idea, but hooray for small miracles. Thankful for my big, willing girl and, as it turns out, mighty thankful for a day off from school.

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  1. Mama watched Dell Harper today while I was at a church meeting. I was talking about how much I love this one year old stage that she is in. She said "Did you read Bonnie's blog? About what her daughter said when school was out?" We both just loved it, and agreed that it was just the sweetest thing.