Monday, July 29, 2013

our lowcountry getaway

On a hot morning in July, we escaped for a few days on a much needed vacay. It had been an insanely long time since we'd gone away just the two of us. Minus the single night here & there… like 3 years. Yikes y'all! Needless to say it was beyond wonderful. Just to fly on the plane together with no baby to entertain, only a book resting on my lap to occupy my time. Lordy, it was happy days. We landed in Savannah then made a small drive over to South Carolina where the marsh drew us in and sloooowed us down. The smell in the air and the moss dripping from the oaks was almost too much. I wanted to bottle it up. We settled into our precious cabin at Palmetto Bluff and wandered the grounds just soaking up the feelin'.
Untitled brick-wall-gate Untitled palmetto-1 Untitled Untitled There was no schedule, no alarm, just eating, talking, swimming, lounging, and taking pics of my sunning toes. It was glorious and just what we needed to recharge with one another. Sometimes the day to day of life can tie up your mind and this vacation was meant to help it all unwind. I loved just being with my husband and chatting and escaping. The gorgeous setting sure helped my mind dream on. We walked the docks after dinner and a little dolphin visited us under the moonlight - magical I tell ya.
night-sea Untitled IMG_6174 facade-wood biking-sunset Buttered biscuits, fresh oysters, pimento cheese, and s'mores filled by growing belly and a little bubbly at supper filled my mind. It's impossible not get swept away by the lowcountry. Egrets flying overhead and frogs croaking in unison at sunset. The way the tide is always changing. Coming and going in a hypnotic way. We were only there for 3 nights, but it did wonders and we promised not to let 3 more years go by.
Untitled IMG_6172 Untitled Untitled Untitled
umbrella We returned to find our girl, happy as a lark, camped out with May-May. Thank the heavens I ended up with such a wonderful momma. She came for a whole week and let us get away without a worry in the world. Miriam was thrilled to have her all to herself and they had such a big time playing school and learning new songs. Happy girls. I don't think Moosh missed me a bit! I missed her so, but in the very best way. We got one day to spend all together, eating mexican and telling details of our trip. Then it was time for Mom to head home. Boy was I blue to see her go, but what a joy to have the time that we did. live-oak


  1. Geez louise. I have a three week old and your cute belly makes me want to be pregnant again. I'm crazy... at least my husband would think so. Looks like a wonderful getaway! And glad you treated yourself to a glass of bubbly! xo.

  2. Ahhh, smelling the marsh air. As sista would say, I wanna go! And it was a vacay for Maymay too I might add.

  3. Take me away! What an amazing little getaway!

  4. Oh my! Looks like you had a lovely vacation! South Carolina is really an amazing place to live in and settle down. Too bad you guys already moved to Texas. However, if you ever feel like coming back home, I believe South Carolina will always have a special place in your heart. 

    Iris Barber