Wednesday, June 26, 2013

fiesta birthday 3

My baby turned 3. Poof, just like magic. Little legs shot up, toes inching out longer all the time and growing out of new shoes. Oh my, she's a little girl now!  
She's getting all big and independent now, reading books by herself from memory, taking off her own shoes, making her own choices and asking questions all the time. This morning… "mommy, where do elephants go potty" & "mommy, why is there a baby in your tummy." She's still kinda my baby too. She stays curled in her little bed until I come in. I'm sure that won't last long, but I love seeing that little grin all tucked in the sheets when I open the door. And the child loves to be carried, but who wouldn't?!
Untitled IMG_5511 We threw her a birthday party on Saturday with a few friends. A proper fiesta with tex-mex, papel picado (flags), mexican brew, and a pink donkey pinata. I'd delivered some colorful invitations and the house was all ready with some special things from La Mariposa. Miriam had been really sick the day before with an ear infection so I was thrilled when she woke up feeling back to normal. She kept asking, "mommy, have my guests arrived"? Cute thing. All she'd been talking about was her party and her party supplies, and who was coming. It was all a very big deal.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Saturday was of course a scorcher, but the cold beer helped and the queso still went fast. Plus kids don't really care about the heat. They were all over the place, inside & out destroying my clean house in about 20 minutes. It looked like a bomb went off in the playroom. Why do I bother except that I want to pretend my house looks this orderly all the time. Birthday girl was miss popular and all her friends kept pulling her to play with them. It's good to be the queen for the day. We only had tearful moment. I asked her what happened and she sniffled "I spilled lemonade on my special party dress." Oh the drama! I think it was all the excitement that got her overwhelmed. Back to the party we went though and it was so nice to celebrate her big milestone with new friends and neighbors. I haven't met a lot of folks since we moved here, but the few that I have are very special.
party-pic IMG_5746 Untitled IMG_5510 IMG_5520 IMG_5557 I was so tired once it was all over and oh lordy did my feet hurt! The next day we totally peaced out and spent the afternoon eating watermelon outside while watching Miriam score in her new goal. Pure and good, you are so very loved baby girl. IMG_5844


  1. Love the Fiesta theme for the B'day girl. And how much she is starting to remind me of YOU!

  2. Oh Happy Day! What a fab party Bon - you need to come decorate for Charlie's soiree! love all the pics - my my how the time flies