Tuesday, October 15, 2013

goings on in the big D

I know… 2 posts in 1 week… crazy talk, but on a roll for a change. We've been exploring Dallas even more lately and hit up the new Children's Garden at the Arboretum. Well, lordy pete! I thought Miriam would be excited, but her momma & daddy were just as thrilled. Nooks and crannies to explore at every turn with so much detail blooming everywhere. What a lucky place to have here. Our Moosh was off and running with shoes & socks off before we could stop her.
child-garden4 child-garden2 child-garden1 child-garden3

Other tidbits… I badly want to see this movie called Muscle Shoals.

Got out of my office one rare morning and had coffee at this hip spot down the street called Mudsmith. Terribly hard seats, but fab muffins and lattes.
Been reading a new site called The Bitter Southerner. Good Stuff.
Went to 2 grown up dinners lately. R + d Kithen & Nona.
 nicB dinner-dallas
Discovered the panorama on my iphone.
pano-miriam-room And saw Mumford & sons at the Fair Grounds on a hot, hot summer night with my T. I was way too pregnant feelin', but it was still beautiful to be out and under their spell.

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  1. Love the name, MUDSMITH. And I read a story at the Bitter Southerner today, not so great in my opinion. She seemed to be slamming the South?