Wednesday, October 9, 2013

summer wrap up

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I can't really call myself a blogger any more since I have been posting so infrequently. I just haven't had the fire truthfully and we haven't been doing anything that exciting. Just enjoying life at home and staying very busy with the simple things. I say that and yet, I feel like things have been so hectic too. My nanny quit out of the blue which was a nightmare, but I've since found Magdalena whom I adore. Work has been insane, but can't complain. Plus I'm plain exhausted come the end of the day. Oh and I'm 36 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy is totally different and has really worn me down! The good news is though… the weather has cooled and signs of Fall are finally popping up. Mums on the front porch and pumpkins on every doorstep. We have four weeks left as a family of 3. It's hard to believe we'll be growing and yet I'm so ready to know this little baby. Miriam started PreK-3 and is totally digging her new class. They have to wear uniforms which is so funny to me at this age, but they are precious so that helps. She's getting so big! Long legs, sweet bob hair, and her funny grin. She hates to have her hair brushed, loves to play camp-out in her sleeping bag, likes to roll play like we're a family of animals, tells me, "mommy, I tooooold you", and is pretty much demanding of her every need at every turn. Loves her friends Estee and Savanna and Olivia at school. Tells us every night she's not tired and asks why she has to go to bed. And then asks for "one more kiss & hug" before we finally slip from her room. Life for a three year old is mighty fine.

We visited Klyde Warren Park downtown…finally… and it was awesome. They had all these water features for kids and Mimers kept trying to strip down!
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And we played hookey on Monday and had a big ole time at the Texas State Fair. Miriam obsessed over the rides and wanted to go again & again. Always the prissy girl, she chose the pink rides whenever possible. Corn dogs, fried nutella, and people everywhere… we all came home and crashed that afternoon.
And because this is just how life is, some sad news mixed with the good. My beloved granddaddy died at 97. To say he lived a full life is an understatement. He was extraordinary… spoke with a great delivery, had a great sense of humor, sharp as a tack, and had a gentle kindness that will stay with me forever. I am so thankful to have known him well into my adult life. I was deeply saddened to be so far away and unable to travel to his funeral. As a doctor, I know he would have urged me to stay home and take it easy, but boy did I wish I was there just to be amongst his spirit. Family and friends joined together to make it special and relayed details so that it felt like I was there. Granddaddy I am so glad happy for you that you'e with Mimi & Fred, but so sad for us that we will miss you so much.


  1. Thank you darling. He lives in all of us. And how lucky we are!

  2. I love the way you write. Very unassuming and honest. And you hit the nail on the head with the life of a 3-year-old (well, mine is a month away) and settling in with a new little one. I lost a beloved grandparent recently, too. Stings a bit deeper than I expected. Thanks for stopping in to say hi :)