Wednesday, December 28, 2011

holiday break

The presents have all been opened, the local holiday radio station has tuned back to classic rock, and even the leftovers are gone. Wahh. Is Christmas really over? That was way too fast, but Santa was good to us and we were able to spend some really nice time with the entire family. Family in Atlanta, family in Chattanooga, and family here in Nashville. We were on the road, but our little moosh was an angel. I think all of the people and all of the commotion just made her crash. It was exhausting for us all, but I loved seeing the grandparents watch her run around.
And of course, her and cousin Charles ran around all Christmas Eve and even took turns pushing one another in the baby stroller. Hi-larious. Instead of the traditional childrens table this year, momma put those of us with "babies" at the little table. Fine, fine… we had fun anyway.
Christmas morning was very relaxing and the mini Moosh sure racked up. My dad went just a wee overboard at the toy store. And I can say we officially have an elmo-obsessed toddler. "Elmo, elmo, elmo"… like she's on repeat. Oh yeah.
And here's our card from this year with Brooke's pics from this summer. Go on and tell me those eyes don't just say make you wanna melt. Babies sure are precious creatures.


  1. Love the card! The Moosh is a doll and so is Charles! My goodness what beautiful babies!

  2. A fun time was had by all! Oh how we are going to miss y'all!