Monday, December 19, 2011

party in clemson

When we moved away from Greenville I was definitely sad to leave my friends, but I knew I'd be back soon. And so last weekend we hopped in the car and drove as quick as can be to town for Austin + Mary Frances' wedding. The festivities were actually all in Clemson, but on our way in we spent the night with the the lovely Miss Carlisle, my previous nanny. She was one of the best things that ever happened to me during our time there and I have missed her so. She saw Miriam and I through those tough days and became such a dear friend when I was feeling a little lonely. Lordy, we were lucky to have her and to think we met in the Publix. That's like some crazy story you'd hear in a southern novel, but it's true. I swear it. Anyway, we didn't stop talking all evening and I didn't want to leave. On our way out of town we rolled through our old hood, North Main, and saw some cute new stores that had popped up. Of course, they opened after I left. Typical, but good for them. And our bungalow on McDonald was just shining bright, all dolled up with lights and garland. I love to think someone is enjoying it as much as we did.

Then it was on to the wedding. It was party after party and everyone was in great spirits for the reunion of sorts. Classmates of Trevor's were there and friends we'd made along the way. My favorite buddy Kathryn was there too and we seriously had the best time catching up. I'm pretty sure I didn't leave her side all weekend and we had a ball. Definitely broke out some dance moves and overindulged in the fun. The weekend was beautiful and a big success thanks to a handful of really wonderful and inviting people. We felt like we were home and I guess we kind of were.

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