Thursday, December 29, 2011

edley's bbq

Ever since we found out we're moving, I have been getting out around town as much as I can. Trying to be as social as possible. It's setting in that I will not have the luxury of friends nearby so I am trying to squeeze 'em all a little more often. So we made a trip to new restaurant called Edley's BBQ. The chef is a friend so he hooked us up with an insatiable amount of food. If you like smoked meat then this is the spot. Pretty wooden bar, good vibe, and really great food. and And I could barely contain myself when the fried pickles arrived. Nashville has been pleading for a good bbq spot and Edley's totally fills that gap. And one little note about our trip : our pregnant friend was past her due date ready to pop so we were all hoping the crazy amount of pork would push her over the edge. Baby Holden did arrive 2 days later.

1 comment:

  1. yum. Nashville has been lacking a great BBQ place. Never noticed that until I moved to Memphis where there is certainly no shortage!