Monday, February 20, 2012

crazy clogs

My wardrobe has been feeling seriously boring lately so I took it apon myself to make a couple purchases. Nothing crazy, but some new staples. One, being these jeans from Gap. I think I've worn them almost everyday this week which is a little scary, but when you're feeling it you just go with it. Anyway, they're amazing and I highly recommend.

So, on to purchase number two, these clogs. Now I'm not sure that clogs are particularly "in" right now, but I saw a cute lady wearing them so I'm saying they are. I wanted something that was easy to throw on, but not a boot and something not as casual as my Toms. Promise, I'm getting to my point. Anyway, I bought these and have been wearing them all around town (my apartment and the grocery) thinking how cute they were and how stylish I felt wearing a bit of a heel but not really wearing a heal. Obsessed. That is until Wednesday afternoon. I met a new friend of a friend for lunch at this cute place called Rise No 1. We had a great time and chatted along until it was time to part. So I'm walking to my car when I somehow start to twist my ankle and begin to tumble, thinking at one point I might able to save this, but oh no… I'm going down and I'm going down hard. I grabbed a planted urn and it was coming on with me. One leg in the air the other twisting to the ground as I went onto the sidewalk with a big thud. It was not pretty my friends. Low and behold I was shaken but not seriously injured. Now the only problem was I couldn't find my other clog. This tiny, skinny lady puffing on her ciggy came rushing to my aide and people within the store came out to assist. We were all looking under the parked cars everywhere when the lady said, "honey your shoe is on top of the car". And there it sat. My pretty new clog perched on TOP of this pretty new Mercedes. For real? How that happened I can not tell you. Luckily a bruise and embarrassment is all I was left with. Can you imagine if I'd really hurt myself? Lordy mercy. So my pretty little clogs are resting in my closet until I get up the nerve to wear 'em again. Or at least until my bruise heals.

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  1. i have those clogs, and i can totally see how that happened. cute they may be, and comfy too, but there is a dangerous ankle twisting side effect that sneaks up on you!