Monday, February 27, 2012

iphone happenings

Living in apartment is not so bad, but one thing I notice is I always have my hands completely full. Maybe that's all moms? I've usually got a grocery bag, a purse, a baby bag filled with all sorts of gear, keys to get in, a loose sippy cup, and a Moosh on the hip. Sometimes she walks, but lately she plops down in the middle of the hall and starts taking her shoes off so its just easier to let her hang on. Maybe I just need to pretend like we're folks are in the big city. Anyway, all this schleping around prevents me from checking the mail every day, but yesterday I remembered a little package might be waiting. So we swung by our box on the way up and there was the beautiful grey envelope waiting. My buddy Carlisle is getting married and I helped her with her invitations so I was dying to see everything assembled. Don't you just love getting a wedding invitation? Makes you feel special. The invite looked perfect and I was thrilled the colors were as I'd hoped. Even though I can't bethere, it makes me feel like I'm a part of her special day. Here's a quick pic and please excuse the mysterious green crayon that "somehow" made its way on the scene.
weekend pics : Moosh sleeping hard when I picked her up one afternoon. I can't tell you how sweet it is to walk into a dark room of sleeping toddlers. Everyone on their mats, relaxing music, some squirming, some resting. I was shocked to see how peaceful and quiet they all were.
random iphone happenings…it's kinda amazing for reals y'all IMG_9049
rudys painted floor car ride
painted floor from bh&g / quote from laybabylay

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