Tuesday, February 21, 2012

keeping cool

Last night we laid in bed, discussing the day and last minute thoughts before turning out the lights. We were talking about how crazy life is with a baby. How you can never take your eyes off them and yet you don't want to be some overprotective parent always hovering. I'd seen a picture of the Novagratz family here and I brought up how wild it must be to have 7 children. I mean, I'm sure they have help and all, but still. Seven children is still a whole lot of business. And yet they seem totally chill. Like they're up for anything and let things happen as they will. Of course I don't know these people, but it's an air they have about them. Like they're super focused and driven and yet very laid back parents. So do some people just have that way about them? And the more chaos the more go with the flow some people are? I strive to be like that, but I'm not sure I always achieve that balance of relaxed yet organized. I don't believe any of my friends would use the word "organized" to describe moi! Anyway, I think it's just a frame of mind people try and have. Like try not to get caught up in it all and enjoy the moment. Even if they don't have it all together in real life, what a nice reminder from a good looking tv fam. 


  1. Don't they have a child named Six or Seven? So perhaps I am a wee bit skeptical of parents taking a name from a Seinfeld episode! But there is something to be said for a more relaxed parenting style vs one that is worried all the time. Good thinking! And I did like watching their design show.