Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the move

Ever had a really bad week? Like everything keeps going wrong no matter what you do? I'm trying to block out my bad week. "Lord, grant me the serenity to be at peace with things I can not change". I've been saying that a whole lot lately. Moving is brutal. The big day was last Monday and it was so surreal to finally see our stuff coming off the truck and into our new home. Our excitement wore off two days later when we were all hit with a nasty stomach bug. Poor Moosh threw up in our bed, threw up all over the car, and threw up on moi as I was kindly showing the plumber which bathroom was stopped up. Did I mention our sewer backed up all over our new bathroom tile floor? Oh yes it did. So, not only was our house in chaos… kitchen on hold until the cabinets could be repainted, boxes everywhere, bathroom renovation ongoing, Miriam violently sick, hubs sick all weekend, and me having a nervous breakdown… our darn pipes were in need of repair. Apparently, Texas gets so dry that tree roots go searching for water and cause some problems with old pipes. Yay. Aren't I just full of good news? It was a tough, tough week. It made me miss home and miss friends and miss having someone, anyone to call for help. I think my mother and Lauren were seriously ready to fly down the next day I was such a wreck.
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But… we'll get through it. We'll get settled and by gosh, things will get easier. Want to hear some good things after all my venting? My friend Whitney brought us dinner the first night. Lasagna, salad, crusty bread, and that oh so important bottle of wine. Good thing I'd thrown the wine opener in my purse last minute. You can see where my priorities lie. My mom and I were talking and she asked me if anyone had brought us a casserole yet. I said, "of course not, we don't know a soul here." Low and behold that very night we had a knock on the door from a new neighbor with warm cookies tied up with a bow & monogrammed stationary. Good ole southern hospitality is not dead my friends and we were so thankful to receive a small dose of it.
photo 1
Marble picked out, Willie covering Eddie Vedder on the radio, flowers from the grocery, a chicken biscuit, almost dry kitchen cabinets, and a lotta green lights this morning, … today is a better day.


  1. Oh my. BLESS YOU. That's enough to want to throw in the towel! Glad things are looking up! xo.

  2. "This too shall pass" so glad yall are on the mend and things are getting better! Hugs to all

  3. Thanks friends. Sympathy is sometimes needed!