Thursday, May 31, 2012

memorial weekend

Untitled Don't you wish every weekend had an extra day? We made the most of Memorial weekend and squeezed in as much down time as possible. Monday was spent mostly outside. Our friend Chris walked in a charity event meant to honor those in the military so we went out to support him and others. We cheered on folks walking in from the overnight, tired from the big blazing sun. Some even had on their uniforms and packs and weights - "carrying the load" of fallen soldiers. It was really cool way to acknowledge the meaning of the day. Then, we got the grill cranked up finally and had us a proper meal. There's just something about a grill burning that really makes it feel like summer.
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Baby girl got all dressed up for her last day of school today. If you ever find yourself in Plano… probably not, but never say never… I can sincerely tell you Preston Meadow Lutheran Church is a gem. You wouldn't know it passing by outside, but inside is a wonderful group of people that love your child like their own. Miss Alison & Miss Frances…mmm I adored those ladies. They were more than accommodating and always made us feel at home. Lovely little spot and Miss Moosh is sure going to miss her friends there. Onward we go though and next step to really settling into Dallas is starting in a day school here in town. Summer school starts next week and she'll be with her buddy Belle so what could be better? Those two girls are gonna liven up the place for sure.

One more tidbit… today is our 4th wedding anniversary. We're heading out on the town tonight, just us two, for the first time since we moved. Yahoo!

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  1. What a fun weekend - Miriam is a doll where did you get that dress Bon! Hope yall had fun last night. Love & Hugs