Wednesday, May 23, 2012

now you see it, now you don't

Hello my friends! We're finally coming out of that deep, dark hole we were in with the move. While I'm at it I'm trying to befriend the black cat that insists on being in our driveway at all times. He's been here since the beginning and I'm quite sure it's a sign, but by golly, we're gonna be buddies. Gotta get rid of any bad ju-ju going on around here.

Seriously, I don't ever want to move again. Unless it's back home of course, and then I'd be high tailin' it at the drop of a hat. But, since that's not the case, I do believe I'll be staying put in Texas for a while. The boxes are unpacked, art is slowly making it's way on the walls, and even a couple lucky curtains have been hung. Even Miriam has come around to the place and doesn't cry when we pull on the driveway. Progress! She does love it. She loves pushing her animals in the baby stroller down the sidewalk and loves pushing her lawnmower. The best is she can just be outside and play with sticks and push some rocks around. I also discovered the Hee-Haw overalls I'd put in storage and good thing, because they're almost too small! Have I mentioned my Moosh is going to be 2 next month? How does that even happen? Her latest thing is when she does something naughty, like throw her milk on the floor, she says "Miriam Cross" all serious. She'll look down with those big "sad" eyes and then break into a big smile like it's all hilarious. You can tell exactly just how much control I've got around here.

Here's my bathroom re-do update : My beautiful tile floor was ripped out yesterday. Ripped out and soon to be replaced. Ya see, our contractor took us to this warehouse place that sells "cheaper" tiles. It looked great and we were all set. That is until we realized once barefoot that it wasn't flat. Meaning each little piece wasn't the same height. Some big sections of the tile were fine and flat. Others were not. There were rough edges poking up… not ok. We tried polishing it, but it just got super slick and we quickly realized the tile itself was totally faulty. Guess you get what you pay for. Luckily, we got our money back, but now we've had to upgrade to get what we really wanted. Budget? What budget? So now everything is on hold until the tile comes in. In the meantime we've dug a giant hole in that same bathroom to see if we can access our sewage line from there as opposed to jack hammering in our rec-room through the slab. This way we can access a portion of the pipes under the original foundation. If it works, it may just be a big happy accident that the tile had to come out. For now I just pretend like that whole part of the house doesn't exist. Oh and you better believe I'm going to use gray grout this go round!


  1. This qualifies as a real construction war story!
    But eventually everything will be just right!!!

  2. I feel your renovation pain, Bonnie! We are currently camped out at my parents (who are down at Watercolor until next week). Dell Harper has decided that travel plus moving means that she no longer needs to sleep through the night. sigh.

    Question- was it you that recommended the Perfectly Imperfect Home? I just ordered it, and am excited for it's arrival.

    The Moosh's overalls are the cutest thing ever!

  3. well, getting the grout you wished for is the silver lining i guess!!