Friday, August 24, 2012

lightning struck

Been a big week at our Texas cottage. New roof, stone re-pointed on chimney, new gutters, and new patio happening next week. Can't you just see the dollar bills just floating out the windows? I swear, we're practically building a new house. Not really, but this place had been sorely neglected before us so we're bringin' the love back. That crazy hail storm a couple months ago did some damage to the roof so it was toast. Gutters installed cheaply and at a slope in = not good for foundation. Then we realized the stone around chimney had cracks and was letting water into our living room. Actually it started pouring in through the ceiling & ceiling light last weekend during a major storm. Yikes! I felt like The Clampetts with towels all over and bowls piled up under the dripping ceiling. It rained like crazy and then when we didn't think it could get worse… lightning struck our neighbors house. Right next door y'all! Trevor was holding Miriam actually, and we all felt a huge BOOM and lights went out. Next thing I knew, fire trucks were coming down our street. Our neighbor was terrified the attic or something was on fire, because there were black streaks coming our from her ceiling lights and her land line phone had busted off the wall and across the room. Can you imagine? Anyway, thank goodness nothing was on fire. Never a dull moment around here. Somebody up above, just keeping us on our toes I suppose.

Anyway, needless to say, we're knocking out some big"to-do's" lately. Miriam loves all this hustle and bustle. Big trucks and tools and new people everywhere. Very exciting for a two year old. Our nanny, Blanca, brought her daughter one day too and that was big stuff. At first the girls were totally shy, but they quickly warmed up and having a new playmate made for a special day. The ladies have been at our house more lately, because… drumroll… Miss Whitney is having her baby… today! I can't wait to hold her and it's brought back all these memories for me. I woke up early today and laid in bed thinking about the day Miriam arrived. How ready I was, how my body felt, and how full of anticipation the air was around us. So I'm saying some big prayers for the Schicklings today. Life is about to get a whole lot fuller for them very soon.


  1. That same thing happened at my neighbors house! so freaky!

    I can totally relate to the feeling of dollar bills flying out the window!

  2. As they say, welcome to Dallas!

  3. I remembered my niece when you mentioned Miriam. She also enjoys seeing people getting busy with tools and machines. She’s adorable like that! Haha. Hmm, good thing you were able to give it back to your home that time. As they say, the best kind of preparation is that which is done well before the time of need.