Wednesday, August 29, 2012

bathroom re-do - the finale

When we bought our new house we went in with eyes wide open, knowing there were lots of projects ahead, but lordy lordy…we had no idea. The previous owners didn't do the place and favors and any work they did do was really bad. BUT, potential there was and that's what I saw when I squinted and day dreamed of what it could be. I was able to overlook a lot, I mean a whole lot, but the master bathroom? Not so much. It was tiny and poorly designed and don't forget the two lovely glazed windows overlooking the rec room. Weird. So, we secured a contractor (based on recs from our real estate agent) and moved merrily along, except as you know it didn't go quite so merrily. He was a total unprofessional, lazy, hot mess and we basically fought with him for 3 months, but by golly we stuck it out and it's done. We learned a ton through the process. I learned renovation is super stressful when you've just moved to a new town and can't call in reinforcements, like your momma, for support. I also learned budgets can quickly get blown and you just gotta roll with it.
I also learned there are endless shades of white paint and yes, they really are different. I started with a creamy white, but after I saw it on the walls, I realized it was way too yellow. After staring at paint chips with no clue, I ended up getting in touch my blog-buddy Brooke, who has fab taste. Apparently you can paint walls, cabinets, trim, and ceilings all the same white. Who knew? Not moi. And so I stuck with the one white I knew I loved "Cotton Balls" and went with it all over. She also helped me pick Delorean Grey grout after my floors had to be completely pulled out again and re-done. Devil is in the details and definitely don't listen to your contractor if you think he's kinda a moron with bad taste. Especially when he tells you your taste is very "white" and out of the ordinary. Please.

What I'm really trying to say is, even though I wanted to pull my hair out and fire our contractor multiple times… it was totally worth it and I L.O.V.E. our bathroom! It's bright and "white" and probably the nicest part of our whole darn house and I get to use it every single day. Most of all, it just feels peaceful and functional and it's where Moosh and I get to have some girly time alone during our weekend shower dates. Don't you just love a slippery little baby-cakes?

So, here she is all shiny and new. Still need to do a little stylin' and art hangin' and would really like a cool new bathmat and matching towels, but pretty much she's all done. Hmm, now maybe it's time to tackle the kitchen!
bathroom1 bathroom2 Untitled Untitled IMG_9951 bathroom3


  1. SO fresh! I like it. I am obsessed with the floor!!

  2. so happy to hear it ended well! looks fantastic.
    aaahhh, as we're set to embark this week, i'm so nervous reading your comments. i'm ready to hold on tight!

  3. Worth the effort and hair pulling!
    It's completely transformed.
    Bella Bella

  4. It looks great! Totally worth it.

  5. It looks so, so great. I know you are so glad that it is finished. The master bathroom is the ONLY room we didn't gut in our house... you know that I'm getting the itch do to it now!

  6. whered you get the duvet cover at the foot of your bed? i spotted it in your pics and loved it!