Friday, August 17, 2012

lowcountry : part two

While describing my trip last night with a friend I found myself mostly talking about how great it was just "being" with my family for a whole week. Waking up together, cooking meals, grocery shopping, driving, conversation - just normal stuff. But it's that down time I love. Yes, we totally drive each other crazy, but not for too long. Just the everyday activities…that's what I miss about being away.
Untitled Family-Pic bw-porch
So, we did spend a lot of time together, but we young folks got one night out on the town. I got to wear my new "zebra" and high heels which felt very fancy. Rooftop cocktails, followed by more cocktails at Squeeze, followed by dinner with one of my best Auburn friends Andrea & her husband at Cru Cafe. Done and done. I don't get out much, so yeah, I was a wee tipsy & loving every minute of the evening.

You know those friends who you don't see & you don't talk to very often, but you can just pick right on back up like it was just yesterday? Andrea is one of those friends. Never met a stranger, will crack you up, and just sincere and sweet as they come.

Untitled Now, I know I'm in Dallas and all, but I had some of the best BBQ ever in Sullivan's Island. Oh my goodness gracious… Hometown BBQ knows how to do it up. We literally ate and ate until we couldn't eat no more! Momma had a "painkiller" cocktail so of course she loved it. Daddy loved the ribs, Will killed some chicken wings, Trevor had the platter which kinda blew his mind, I ate some of everything, and Moosh - well, she cleaned up every last morsel of her bbq quesadilla. A sign of a good meal for sure. And she got to twirl around in her new dress (via Hannah Kate via Miss Winsy). Something about her twirling around in a dress… she's getting so big and sassy!
new-dress Untitled Faster than I'd like, my affair with Charleston came to an end and I was boarding the plane home. Some day I'll be back though and until then I'm keeping all these memories close by for day dreamin'.
Moosh-BabyPool Untitled

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  1. Ahhh, bocci on the beach, dinner on the porch,Moosh in her sand pit, sippin "the Painkiller" and nibblin
    those wings. Just take me back!