Thursday, September 20, 2012

going home

I know Dallas is technically my home now, but I visited my real home last week and had the most jam packed, wonderful, working, wild time. That's how it is every time I go home. We rolled in Wednesday afternoon to cool temps and heavenly blue skies. I swear, it's like the air is just a little bit sweeter there. I know, I know distance makes the heart grow fonder! So, we rolled into the farm and dropped Miriam off so we could scoot downtown for the Americana Awards show. It's just about my favorite thing all year. Always great bands, always great vibe, and always at the The Ryman. It was also a reunion of sorts for me and Currier. We talk every single day, but hadn't seen one another since April so we were chatty-chatty all night long, just having us the best time. Our excitement carried us on to Broadway where I found myself snapping pics of Broadway like some tourist. I seriously have no idea what got into me, I was just so thrilled to be home.
photo 2 IMG_2293 For the next couple days Miriam got right back into being a farm girl. Feeding the donkeys carrots, riding the tractor, the jeep, 3 dogs, the golf cart, a new mr potato head… endless entertainment and I think she was ready to move in permanently. Life is good there.
IMG_2281 IMG_2215 IMG_2253 IMG_2490 IMG_2385 barn Lately I'd been really  missing all my friends so this trip was pretty great timing. We talk and I see pics online and email, but there is something about that face time that's irreplacable. Plus, I was dying to see all their sweet babies. They're changing so fast and I feel like I'm missing it. It's the most amazing thing to see someone you've known your whole life become a mother. You get to witness the pure love that's grown between them and that baby. It's big I tell ya!
IMG_2179 IMG_2187 IMG_2204 We had a small play date at Parmer Park and wouldn't ya know it, the toddler of the group, Miss Miriam, was the big baby. Reminder not to wake her up from a snooze, even if that means you're going to be late to the date. I repeat, do not wake up from nap. Oh well, gotta roll with it so we sat on a blanket and caught up and gossiped and talked "motherhood" until it was time to head home for supper. I could've stayed much longer squeezing all those baby legs.
IMG_2182 IMG_2213
One thing I made sure to plan was some all important cousin time. Momma and I went over to Laurens Friday afternoon for some champers and watched Charlie & Miriam run around like crazy chickens. Little legs flailing as they ran up and down the driveway giggling. They were hilarious and so were the grand-mommas scooting after them. I loved just observing them together, because we talk about one another all of the time. Charlie says prayers for Mimi and Miriam says prayers for Charlie. Sigh. Two peas in a pod those little nuggets. And of course I can never get enough time with my Lauren. Can I just teleport you here please?! She's also looking mighty fine lately. Girlfriend has been doing boot camp and I'm so impressed. Now, if only her motivation would rub off on moi.
IMG_2357 IMG_2344 IMG_2352 IMG_2330 IMG_2326 The final hurrah came Saturday night when we had a small penthouse party. My brother was out of town, so Trevor and I invited a few friends over to his place to watch the big UT/Florida game. UT was completely pitiful and depressing, but I didn't really care and we had the best time ever. It was the first time I've hung with my best buds without kids in… I don't even know how long. It'd been a while and we certainly made up for lost time. The tunes were flowing and there might have even been a late night dance party happenin' in the wee hours. The perfect send off to hold me through until my next visit back home.
friends-bw IMG_2395 IMG_2403


  1. Sounds like a wonderful jam packed weekend! Are you recovered yet?

  2. What an amazing visit! Miss you tons Bon. Love all the pics and the shout out!