Tuesday, September 25, 2012

not quite fall

I'm ready for Fall. Got my boots out, sweaters down from the closet, and made some pumpkin bread this morning. Now, if only the weather would cooperate. It's like a high of 94 today and my feet are practically getting a tan underneath my desk window. Durn.
party-barn It's fine I guess. At least last week was better and we were able to step foot outside and enjoy our new patio. Oh, except that we don't have any patio furniture.Whoops. So, since we couldn't exactly sit and relax outside, not that we could do that with a 2 year old anyway, we decided to finally clean the garage. It was one filthy, messy thing. So we pulled everything out, swept like mad, and even decorated her a bit on the outside. Old girl is feeling mighty fine now! You know, there is some real satisfaction in working on a house. Our list has seemed so long and daunting, but you just gotta chip away at it and boy does it feel fabulous when you do cross something off. I even got around to filling all my Ikea frames with stuff, buying a front door fern, and fluffing up the place a bit. Now all I need is some visitors. Hint, hint my friends :)
front-fern IMG_2576 good-food


  1. You're inspiring me to get in gear over here. My house has nothing to fluff. We'll get there. I am hosting a baby shower on November 2nd... LOTS to do before then!

  2. I just did major fluffing since we had a party last weekend. I need a house tour Bonnie- I'm dying to see it all!