Tuesday, September 11, 2012

end of summer is near

Two weekends ago we had a wonderful recent visit with my mother-in-law. Her stay came just when we needed a familiar face and hug from family. Miriam takes a couple days to totally warm up, (it's hard when you only see them a couple times a year) but, it was all about grand-mare after that. Lots of tea parties, reading books, playing nigh-night, and park dates. Oh and we ate a lot! Cooked up a big meal, toured the neighborhood, and just did things around the house. Finally hung a laundry shelf and attempted to hang a light fixture in the kitchen, but aborted once we realized an electrician we were not. We didn't do anything particularly fancy, but I've realized with Miriam just being together with family is enough. Trevor's mom is one of the kindest, most welcoming ladies and we've always been blessed with a really special relationship. Just bring on the vino and our chatty-chatting begins.
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Summer is slowly coming to an end on the calendar and even Mother Nature is catching on. Saturday was beautiful here and it seemed like everyone flew open their doors, flocked outside, and finally took a big exhale like they could breathe again. Amazing what the weather can do to your soul. Just lights a fire and makes ya feel good. I actually spent the entire day outside gardening at a local school as my first foray into Junior League. This is my attempt at stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something I normally wouldn't do. Ha! That and I'm desperate to make some friends. We shall see.
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In other news… football has begun. What that means around here is there's a neon orange and white flag flying nigh from the new abode. Can't say I'm lovin' it, but it sure has gotten the attention of some neighbors. A guy at the park said… "oh yes, you're the people with the big UT flag"… yes sir, we sure do love us some Tennessee 'round here. Oh well, you gotta pick your battles and seeing that flag makes the husband real happy.

UntitledMiriam started back to school last week and after some rearranging she's settling into her new class. They put her in a class with 12 boys and didn't bother mentioning she'd be the only girl until I showed up for "meet the teachers" day. I didn't want to make a fuss and thought maybe I was over reacting inside, but the truth is I thought it was really weird. After consulting my buddy Mols (momma to 2 girls) and my own momma, I spoke with the school and they apologized (kinda) and moved her to a different classroom. What they failed to tell me this time, and I had to find out on my own the first day of school, was that the new class was full of 3 year olds. I only realized it after getting two birthday party invites the first week. Nice communication right? I swear I should start a day-care and I would do things so, so differently than what I've experienced. Anyway, I think she's going to be just fine and honestly, she seems much happier in this classroom than the summer program. My mom reminded me of the old schoolhouse days where all the kids were piled into one room no matter the age. My little Moosh will just be extra special and probably the only one wearing a bright orange bubble!

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