Thursday, December 20, 2012

holidays at home

It's good to be home. Lots of work and lots of visits with friends. Since I'm here for such a long stay I am doing my darndest to see everyone and do every single thing on my list. Little Christmas shopping left to do, but I am basically ready for the big day and hopefully the cold weather will finally stick. Moosh has once again taken to farm life. Lots of extra attention, walks, and playing in the field like a flower child. Donkeys spoiled with daily carrots. And we made these holiday shortbread cookies that are so delish. The little lady is having herself a big 'ole time.
IMG_3996 IMG_4021 IMG_3994 cooking-cookies I also had a special old friend from Auburn sweep into town for the quickest visit ever. Way too short, but it was such a treat. We're all in different states now so when we get together there is endless talking trying to cram it all in! We told hilarious stories and sat out under the stars besides a big fire pit - heaven. Then we soaked up our big night out with some country cookin' at Pucket's the next morning.
 by the fire puckets This season is such joy and fellowship, but this year is definitely harder for obvious reasons. Missing Trevor's momma feels heavy and this horrendous Sandy-Hook tragedy is beyond comprehension. I've been loving on my family even more and squeezing friends. Time with one another is a gift. Lots of blessings to you this season! lil-heart IMG_3966 riding date

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