Friday, December 7, 2012

wrapping it up

It's 80 outside and there are still mosquitos in Texas, but I got my Christmas cards in the mail so that must mean it really is December. Got my bags packed and ready to touchdown in Tennessee tomorrow. 'Aint no place I'd rather be.


  1. If you have time tonight on the way home from a Xmas party or dinner - go see the lights. I meant to send you streets that are especially decked out for the holidays here in Dallas. Start at Preston and Armstrong and you cannot go wrong. Beverly and Lakeside are always pretty. If not this year - see them next year. Have fun in TN! Keeley

  2. I'm jealous! Still need to get xmas cards out AND not allowed to travel till baby comes. No Nashville for me this year:( Have fun!

  3. So jealous your cards are the in mail. I'm a slacker this year! Had my pics of the boys made last week... got them back this weekend... got a card designed and sent them to the printer last night. Hopefully sometime this week I'll get them out! Hope y'all are having a blast at home!