Thursday, December 13, 2012

warm welcome home

We landed in a drizzly, foggy Nashville last weekend, but it didn't dampen my mood one bit. I was thrilled just to be home. A wedding Saturday night and then a party on Sunday - that is my kind of homecoming! If rain really is a lucky charm on a wedding day then this couple certainly got their fill. It poured and thundered right as we sat down for supper, but it made for a very lively mood inside the warm tent. Lots of hugging and chatter and a few spins on the dance floor with my family - such a ball.
wedding ladies wedding-group keith & lauren
Then my dear friend (and partner in crime) threw me a little shindig on Sunday. I've told ya she's special! She fixed a ton of delicious food, my mom made champagne punch, and friends stopped by. Miriam ran around the whole time, scurrying between legs and grabbing a ham & roll whenever they were in her reach. I am so lucky to have these beautiful ladies in my life. So, so lucky.


  1. it POURED on my wedding day! Someone told me you should collect the water in a jar and use it at your first child's christening. Made the whole thing seem much sweeter...

  2. Was it your birthday?! What day?? Or just a fun get together in honor of you being home?