Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the moms in big D

My momma, aunt Louise, and cousin Lauren all came for a visit last weekend. I'd forgotten how fun it is to have so many people packed in one house! Hair dryers going, makeup on every counter, bacon cooking in the skillet, air mattress in the playroom, magazines piled up, coffee being poured, and everyone in their robes. Just like home. It was lovely and relaxing, and busy, and wild - just like I'd hoped. Even Trevor enjoyed having all these ladies in the house. One of my favorite things we did was a day trip to Fort Worth. What a cool town and the stock show was going on so we spotted trailers, cowboys, and a ferris wheel. Mom steered us to the Amon Carter Museum of American Art which was really fabulous. Little dose of culture then lunch at Tillmans Roadhouse. Let me just say we had more than our fair share of good eats. I did my Texas duty of showing off the wide variety of mexican fare. High (Komali) to medium (Glorias) to low (Rusty Taco) we ate mexican food at almost every meal. When in Rome!
IMG_3404 IMG_3408 wood-girls One meal we strayed from the tex-mex was Neighborhood Services. Oh my gosh… it was one of those wonderful nights where everything just goes smoothly. Really happenin' vibe, great waitress, flowing cocktails, and the food was… well, perfect. We stayed up late listening to music and talkin' until we couldn't talk no more. The only thing missing from this trip was Miss Lauren partaking in the libations. Poor thing was fighting off those not so pleasant early pregnancy symptoms. I do think the food helped though and we celebrated her birthday with some pretty sweet cupcakes from Society Bakery. I am beyond thrilled she's having another baby. She is such a good momma and I miss her terribly already. I miss my momma too. I made her get dark nail polish at the salon and she was so not sure, but it looked chic.
IMG_3456 komali IMG_4566 IMG_4562 What else, might you ask, do you do in Dallas? Shop. We went to all the stores I'd heard about, but never wanted to go to by myself. All the fancy stores that are filled with beautiful things just for looking. The shopping here is endless and I don't even know all the places to go. Some of my favorite spots though were Gypsy Wagon (soooo my style I wanted everything in the store), Blueprint (just because it's so pretty inside), and our last stop was the mall - very exciting, right?! Had to pick up some Hannah Anderson training undies for the babies. I've totally been stalling, but it's time. Oh, and my favorite store was Timothy Oulton. He's the guy that's designed a bunch of things for Restoration Hardware and his only US store is here in town. Anyway, it's beyond cool and they fixed us the best cappuccinos in vintage British mugs so they sort of won our hearts from the get go. They have a giant fish tank with a yellow submarine inside so that should give you a little taste of what was going on. Why do the Brits always get it right? Overall I think they were very impressed with all that Dallas has going on and feeling good about our spot in Texas for now.
blueprint-door IMG_3448
Then they were taking back off in a flash. A weekend sure flies by. Back to reality and responsibilities. All the fun made it hard to get going Monday, but it's back to work and back to my little corner of the house. I've been hard at work on my office these days and can't wait to share soon.

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  1. Great summation of our memorable visit.
    Perfect recap!