Thursday, April 11, 2013

by my bedside

This is only a partial pile of what's on my reading list. Cookbooks, Austen, comedy, and Paris. All have a lot in common, non? I just finished The Paris Wife and all I'm going to say is go buy it… like now. Then come tell me if you liked it as much as moi!


  1. I love love loved the Paris Wife!
    Have you read, Loving Frank? It's fiction, but based on real life about Frank Lloyd Wright's mistress... not quite as good as the Paris Wife, but very good!

  2. I adored the Paris Wife- I am a huge Hemingway fan and it really fleshed out that time so ugh for me.

  3. I loved the Paris Wife, too! I'm wanting MK Herrington (above) to do a post on her blog on her favorite reads since she was an English major! And you know from IG that I love ina's new cookbook.