Friday, April 26, 2013

starbucks in bed

It's been sort of a big week here in Dallas. The news has been buzzing with coverage of the new Bush Presidential Library. It looks beautiful so I actually can't wait to go poke around, especially since it's right down the street at SMU. My own life is a lot less exciting these days. Miriam got sick with a nasty cold last week and ended up with her first ear infection which was a bummer. Of course she got sick the day we were leaving town. That's how it always works right? Trevor and I had to make a very quick trip to Atlanta for his grandfather, Pawpaw's, funeral. When you live to 91 those of us left behind are at some sort of peace about the circumstances. He was a precious man and lived a wonderful life with (most importantly) the love of his life. What was hard about it was reliving Marilyn's death all over again. I felt like we'd just been there. Like we'd just been in that same funeral home, making impossible decisions, and feeling numb all over. And we had. It'd only been six months and here we were now mourning her father. But you cope and you just put one foot in front of the other and make conversation and pretend to keep it all together. It's still very painful. Still very raw.
IMG_4278We came home to a little gal who was very, very excited to see us. She was dying to go to her school carnival, ear infection and all. It was the first time I'd left her with our nanny Herminia so I felt a little nervous, but of course she was totally cool as a cuke. It felt so good to be back home. Though a teeny tiny piece of me could have curled up in that "heavenly" hotel bed just a wee longer. Lounging with Starbucks in bed was sort of dreamy. How sad is that? We've gotta get away soon I tell you! I mean really away on a proper vacay. For now I will toddle around the backyard, barefoot and soaking up the smell of smoke coming off the grill.
Untitled Untitled photo pony-ride


  1. I have a friend at Green Pastures that teaches children and has a wonderful and ancient pony for Miriam to ride when she come to Pontotoc. Don't tell Trevor!

  2. I would love to visit Bush Presidential Library! I'm sure it is gorgeous inside.