Thursday, April 4, 2013

hunting eggs

So, since my last post I obviously jinxed the weather, because here I sit wrapped in a cashmere sweater with the heat cranked in my drafty office. Wah. I beg of you Spring, please come back very soon. Last weekend we crammed in a bunch of activity while my brother was in town for a visit. We took him to Neighborhood Services after having such perfect experience last time. This was not a 10, but it was still mighty fine. We went to the Bishop Arts district one afternoon to peruse some shops like Pebble + Pine and grab a slice o' pie from Emporium Pies. This is what I do after all when people come visit - EAT. Will found some very cool pants that he's hoping no one else in Nashville owns. They're mint green and sort of like moleskin so I'm pretty sure that won't be an issue.
Untitled Untitled & pie Untitled
Easter Sunday came around and there was much to be grateful for, especially the company of friends. We went to a service with the Schicklings and watched the girls get giddy with excitement. I was just as excited Miriam fit into last years Easter dress. Score. After a rainy morning, the sun greeted us just in time for an egg hunt after brunch. I have such vivid memories of hunting for eggs in Mimi & Granddaddy's backyard. It was a serious affair with all the cousins dashing around looking for the one elusive prize egg - actually a giant gold pantyhose container. Miriam loved it and was sneaking jelly beans any chance she could get. She was so excited that a nap was unfortunately not in the cards which meant mommy didn't get a nap either. Instead we made a big palette of blankets and pillows and camped out to watch Ratatouille. At least I got to close my eyes… for a minute.
Untitled egg0hunt rading-annie

don't you love this… Miriam knocked her knee on the table right as we were trying to get a pic & as soon as she started whaling, so did Belle… little copy cats :)
 brunch Untitled funny-bunny


  1. MOOSH! Such a big girl, and so adorable! By the way- love the article about your home in the Dallas paper,Joyce pointed it out to me. Just beautiful!

  2. The only thing missing was Maymay and Popi! But your pics made me feel like I was there.

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