Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a tennessee scene

The other night I was in the kitchen prepping supper and American Roots came on KXT which was so perfect for a Sunday evening. Some zydeco mixed with Billie Holiday mixed with blues and all sorts of little songs I'd never heard. I love the calmness of Sundays. Wrapping up the weekend and taking time to get things in order before the work week. Miriam was playing with her new baby doll Sue (a gift from May-May) and tucking all her animals in for bedtime. I love to overhear her talking to her "friends" and creating this whole imaginary world. Trevor was outside checking his new smoker and working on the yard, which is looking mighty fab I must say. After our trip to Nashville our weekend was very purposely laid back.
Untitled Untitled moosh-boots We drove home (won't be doing that any time soon or maybe ever) for a visit and had a ball. Though we did bring in some major rain in with us that first weekend. I was all set to go to see Widespread with a group of friends, but ended up bailing last minute, because the show was outside and it was cold, muddy, and pouring. No thank you. I do believe I have seen my fair share. Of course Trevor put on his full rain gear and went full steam ahead. Tough guy. I retreated inside and had a lovely supper at The Wild Hare with my brother. Smart lady.
IMG_4521 Untitled
The clouds finally broke and nature gifted us with the most beautiful Tennessee scene. Each morning I would cruise to Currier's with the windows cracked and cool air breezing in. Fields of green and bushes blooming… Spring was alive in Franklin. Who knew driving to work could be so durn pleasant?!
By the end of the day I was coated with spray mount and my fingers were stuck together, but we got so much accomplished. Momma was the perfect babysitter and not once did Miriam put up a fight when I walked out that door. She was over the moon. A busy little gal, picking peonies, feeding carrots, and searching for critters outside. Life was good. Obviously Brando made himself right at home as well. I swear he smiles when his paws hit that open field. Sweet buddy cakes.
picking-peonies Untitled Untitled IMG_5472 IMG_5462 IMG_5469
We fit in a rainy day playdate with the cousins and I can't tell you how much I love seeing them together. Warms my heart.
IMG_5482 IMG_5502 IMG_5516
Our final weekend we packed a lot in and made it to Steeplechase at Percy Warner. It's by far my favorite event of the year. We hadn't been in a while so I was extra ready for the races. We were graced with picture perfect skies, cool air, and glowing afternoon sunshine. There were some thrilling races and folks were deep in the sauce by days end. cooler-packed IMG_5525 IMG_4706 steeplechase-13
rainbow The weekend finale was a Mother's Day cricket match at the farm. We lounged around outside and enjoyed time with friends stopping by. Fried chicken, rolls, artichoke dip, and gazpacho was the hair of the dog for those still weary from a long day of revelry.
IMG_4734 IMG_4797 cricket-match1 IMG_4747
IMG_4832 Dogs wandering, the percherons hitched and giving kids a ride. The match was won by the Brits which started rounds of Pims all over again. But we retreated inside, ordered pizza and collapsed after all the fun. One of my favorite weekends in a very long time. Then it was packin' time. Time to head back to Texas. Sad to leave and sad to say goodbye, but I was ready to say hello to our home and life in the Big D.

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