Wednesday, May 29, 2013

carry the load

Our Memorial weekend was filled with the usual… the grill going, lawnmower grinding, baby playing in the sandbox, and ice cream on the front porch. It is such a treat to take that extra day off work and have a real weekend of relaxation. Of course Memorial Day is more than that. We all know its significance, but it's easy to look beyond. The last two years have made me look a little harder and feel a bit deeper for of those who've served our country. We attended Carry The Load again this year to support our buddy who was in the marines. Trevor walked 14 miles with his friends, but there were wives walking with pictures of their fallen husbands, parents with flags from their fallen child, and firefighters carrying hoses on their shoulders, but there were also children walking with their dad who had served and families showing support. It was emotional and joyful and mostly it felt important. Just important to show empathy and offer support simply by holding a small flag and cheering with the crowd. Miriam and her buddy Belle had a ball though we  did have to pry their flags away after a mini jousting match. It was a great day and weekend and great time to remember how much I love my family.
memorial1 IMG_4981 memorial2 IMG_4837

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