Thursday, June 13, 2013

birthday girl is… old

I took Bran for a walk around the block last night. The air was so hot and still. Bunches of lantana were sprouting all down the sidewalk and perfuming the air like grapefruit. Tree branches just sat motionless without a trace a wind. That hot air was stagnant, but it felt good on my skin and I was grateful for our quiet walk. I turned 35 yesterday. That's impossible to believe, but in an effort to embrace the here & now I'm letting that fact soak on in. I know I'm not "old" but baby that sure sounds old! I had a good mix of work and fun on my day. Ate a ladies lunch at the T room with Whitney (my favorite gal in Texas), opened a sweet card from my momma that of course made me tear up, played play-doh with a naked toddler, received a way cool pot from my husband, heard some jazz at a real dive bar, and heard happy birthday sung by my girl.
pie-candleAnniversary number 5, baby turning 3, and birthday 35. I'm thinking there's some good juju going on from the numbers 3 & 5. Right? As I was walking in the heat thinking about getting older I thought about how quickly time flies by. I mean seriously flies! Good times and bad, life just keeps going by. Maybe it's having a child that shows you the passing of time. Maybe it's just with age and wisdom (hopefully). No matter, it makes you pause and look around at what you have and what you want.What I have are friends that called with wishes and gracious does that make you feel the love. So nice just to be remembered. So I'm going to try and really dig 35. Make it a good year and not complain about getting old and not complain too terribly much about this heavy heat!
pot lantana turkish-t
I'll leave you with a video that totally inspired me this week. It's this years commencement speech at Trevor's old high school. "The death of a dream is usually the birth of another." Douglas Thomas has a poetic way with words and I promise it will leave you smiling.

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